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a small hairpiece to cover partial baldness

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WHEN cancer patients having chemotherapy lose their hair, a salon in Prestatyn can fit them with hair pieces.
To further build our market leadership in women's wigs and hair pieces, we will also offer cross-marketing incentives between our on-line and catalog stores," Mr.
So, with the birth of the Beatles and the contraceptive pill came boyish figures and detachable hair pieces.
11Pink dress, pounds 30, Topshop; Stole with corsage, pounds 65, Monsoon; Pink tweed shoes, pounds 25, New Look; Hair piece, pounds 99, Whiteley at John Lewis; Necklace, pounds 10, Accessorize
Many people will remember she wore a very striking black hair piece which has since started a trend for decorative fascinators and intricate hair pieces, as opposed to large hats.
Here Copello models her innovative hair piece which is available at http://www.
Staff at the centre said the nine-month-old owl must have mistaken the hair piece for some real-life furry prey.
You can redefine yourself by a nose job, a boob job, or a new hair piece, or a series of Priceline commercials, and call yourself a winner,'' he said.
Black and white hair piece, pounds 15 from Accessorize.
2 Wrap a hair piece (Hothair, from pounds 15) around the base of the ponytail and secure with pins.
He's compared the hair piece of Titans owner Bud Adams to ``artificial turf,'' warned that Dolphins kicker Olindo Mare was going to be ``raising his leg more frequently this year than a Chihuahua with a bad bladder'' and complained that the per diem at ABC was less than what the people got on ``Survivor.
Your stylist can help you choose which hair piece will work best.
Or just fake it with a tiny hair piece such as Manic Panic N.
Since our IPO in October 1996, the Company has made substantial progress in building its women's wig and hair piece business into a solid platform from which we are expanding into other, high growth opportunities," said Steven L.