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a small net that some women wear over their hair to keep it in place

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Dress Code: Hair net, hats, wellies, overall and gloves are needed to preserve hygiene in the plant.
When I learned that one million kids die each year from malaria, and they wouldn't have to die if they only had a net hanging over them when they slept, I wrote a column in Sports Illustrated and said, if you've ever cut down a net, jumped over a net, watched the New Jersey Nets, worn a hair net, surfed the net, or loved fishnets send 10 bucks and maybe you could save a life," said Rick Reilly in the recording.
Snap up it's strappy, figure hugging lace dress and team it with a hair net (no sign of Ena Sharples here) and you're guaranteed to stop the show.
I ended up wearing fish net stockings and PVC hotpants and some sort of hair net.
Vick brushed his hair and placed a hair net over his head to keep it neat while he put on his clothes.
Not for me the sickly musings of Sandy or a desire to be a Beauty School Drop Out (but I did go around in a hair net for a week after watching Frenchy's dream sequence).
It always made her laugh, when halfway through we'd be called away to rehearse the pending scene and I'd have to go on set wearing bendy rollers and a hair net.
Clooney throws himself wholeheartedly into the role - hair net and all.
The four stations have become four well-known Corrie icons - Betty's hot pot, Hilda Ogden's flying ducks, Ena Sharples' hair net and the huge earrings famously worn by Bet Lynch.
The effect was perhaps a step up from the way Prince Charles looks when he visits a biscuit factory in an inner city area and has to put on polythene shoes and a hair net, but only just.
At the Memphis plant, he traded in his signature cowboy hat for a hair net, a Goody's cap and a personalized lab coat.
When the pony-tailed Cordone, complete with a hair net but minus the gold earrings the FA banned, was replaced by sub Jamie Coppinger 11 minutes from time, he received the sort of acclaim Geordies usually reserve for all-time greats.
This week, Alicia wore her hair net to the salubrious Ivy restaurant - the haunt of the rich, famous and chic.
Required course materials: Hard hat, hair net, bulletproof vest.