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a cylindrical metal home appliance that heats a lock of hair that has been curled around it

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The technology was tested among the blonde, black, and brown hair colours and the results showed that the hair iron works best with brown locks.
Three weeks after beginning iron treatment, the hair iron concentrations were found to be significantly correlated (r = 0.
T3 TOURMALINE 1" IONIC CERAMIC HAIR IRON is gentler, quicker and more conditioning than conventional hair irons.
This finding suggests to some of us who were interested in iron metabolism that the use of hair iron concentrations would not be a satisfactory indicator of patient iron status.
THIS Christmas give your lady what she really wants - a GHD hair iron.
The chemically proven system restores the natural beauty of hair using specially formulated "gold bonded" water, the original "even-heat" hair iron, and a series of products -- all developed by YUKO SYSTEM of Japan.
She whipped out the hair iron to unveil the trendy new look this week.
The family-owned business is looking to Russia and Sweden for profit growth as sales tax increases at home put a lid on demand for its scissors and hair irons.
Prosecutor Liam O'Brien said during the search they found bogus clothes, footwear, jewellery and hair irons.
Salon manager Mark McMorrine, 37, stole nearly 1000 sets of the top-of-therange GHD hair irons and sold them on the internet auction site.
Life can't be straightened out with ceramic hair irons, but there is a therapeutic aspect to getting things off your chest while having a head massage.
CERAMIC straighteners are great but Babyliss is set to revolutionise hair irons with their new Thermaglass Straighteners.
Greedy Mark McMorrine, 37, made pounds 63,000 from flogging 946 luxury hair irons stolen from stylist Charlie Miller.
The man with the rubber-soled shoes wrenched the hair irons from the wall and saved the BBC.