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Synonyms for braid

Synonyms for braid

a hairdo formed by braiding or twisting the hair

trimming used to decorate clothes or curtains

make by braiding or interlacing


decorate with braids or ribbons

form or weave into a braid or braids


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Like a tween gone crazy with a glue gun and her toy box, Miley has dreamed up monstrosities that include a mask made of teddies and multi-coloured hair braids.
He has written to the UK's five biggest supermarkets asking them to stock alternative goods such as bright balloons and hair braids alongside more traditional Halloween products.
There was a variety of "hairy" ideas including pigtails, pink wigs, fake moustaches, hats and hair braids, some of which were made by our support and therapy patients.
A MUM branded her daughter's school racist after it banned white children from wearing hair braids - but not black pupils.
THE mystery of David Beckham's hair braids was solved last night - he copied the idea from a 16-year-old soccer trainee.
Birmingham and Solihull Mental Health Trust bosses introduced the new work policy this year, specifically citing hair braids and extensions as a "personal safety risk".
GOING FOR THE BRAID: Hair stylist Mary Williams braids young Shannon Kinsella's hair at the Relax 'n' Curl salon - an operation which can take up to six hours; BEFORE: Shannon's blond locks are pretty, but not as eye-catching as the braided look; CELEBRITY BRAIDS: Stars Samantha Mumba, Melanie Griffith, Rachel Hunter and Whoopi Goldberg have all had their hair braided at some stage in their careers; AFTER: Shannon is sure to turn a few heads when she steps out in her new hair braids
And the trendy hair braids reveal the relaxed way they are being raised, despite their royal heritage.