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Synonyms for braid

Synonyms for braid

a hairdo formed by braiding or twisting the hair

trimming used to decorate clothes or curtains

make by braiding or interlacing


decorate with braids or ribbons

form or weave into a braid or braids


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She has very long white ermine that hang from her beaded hair ties that are attached to the ends of her bright pink wrapped hair braids.
Tuck stick under the roach tie thong on top of the spreader or through your hair braid.
Hair braids and Beatz by Dr Dre firmly in place, DJ Jeff, who is already running courses (just eight people per class) at EMDI Institute of Media and Communication at Knowledge Village, gives his top 10 tips for budding DJs everywhere.
com) in Phoenix has a teen menu, featuring nail art, hair braids and henna body-painting.
We've checked her clothing and pockets for metal objects and even her hair braids.
Like a tween gone crazy with a glue gun and her toy box, Miley has dreamed up monstrosities that include a mask made of teddies and multi-coloured hair braids.
Watching her secure her long hair braids ahead of her first game at the Barclays Dubai Tennis Championships was like watching a military operation.
For me, the vivid folk costumes, complete with long hair braids, and the unusual stamping, jumping, shaking choreography made this piece stand out from the rest.