hair coloring

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  • noun

Synonyms for hair coloring

a dye or tint for the hair


coloring of the hair

the act of dyeing or tinting one's hair

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HMDT can be made using ordinary ingredients like hair bleach, citric acid and heat tablets, which are sometimes used by the military for cooking.
By 3pm, I found myself drenched in fake tan, peroxide hair bleach and hair remover (a blonde can't have ebony eyebrows can she?
It is impossible to tell which of the older four Tracy boys is which (apart from different degrees of blond hair bleach and the fact that one is the spitting image of England rugby player Will Greenwood).
The only thing that seemed to work was hair bleach, but then when my hair grew back I got a ridiculous two-toned effect which looked even worse," admits Natalie.
I heard two people discussing the finer points of judo in the pub and admit I've become slightly obsessed by swimming, despite avoiding pools since I discovered hair bleach circa 1989.
Dye your hair bleach blonde Cosmetic surgery even when there's nothing wrong.
Try bleach (Sally Hansen Hair Bleach Creme Face) or depilatory (Surgi-Cream Facial Hair Remover Original Formula).
The high-energy laser will be fueled by the same chemicals found in hair bleach and Drano, respectively - hydrogen peroxide and potassium hydroxide.
Products include salon formula hair removers, moisturizing hair inhibitors, creme hair bleach, therapeutic cooling gel, bikini aid natural ointment, and Hers shave cream and shave gel.
The hair cosmetic is selected from the group consisting of a two agent hair bleach or a two agent dye, and wherein said mixed liquid has a viscosity of 1 to 300 mPa s at 25 [degrees] C.
Washington, Mar 25 (ANI): Japanese scientists have created what could be world's first 'green' hair bleach, an environmentally friendly preparation for lightening the colour of hair on the head and other parts of the body without the unwanted effects of the bleaches used by millions every year.
7,541,023 B2; The Procter & Gamble Company has been awarded a patent for a hair bleach product in kit form.
The hydrogen peroxide is the same chemical compound used in hair bleach, but at a concentration of 50 percent hydrogen peroxide and 50 percent water, instead of the 3 percent hydrogen peroxide and 97 percent water found in home medicine cabinets, Edwards officials said.
She entered the Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles a year ago, armed only with hair bleach, sharp elbows and the ability to be pawed by a pensioner in a dressing gown without shuddering.