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a compact mass of hair that forms in the alimentary canal (especially in the stomach of animals as a result of licking fur)

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Many rabbits afflicted with hair balls are found to be on a high carbohydrate, low fibre diet.
The signs of hair balls are retching, loss of appetite, constipation or diarrhoea and often an air of uneasiness.
This week surgeons had to remove hair balls from inside a Judy Garland fan who kept eating from his own head.
They also use a bait that is similar to that which makes cats regurgitate hair balls.
Cats use their tongue and teeth for grooming, but hard licking may result in too much hair being ingested and hair balls forming in the stomach.
Blip Toys current product line includes the hugely popular Squinkies brand of collectable characters, Whimzy Pets, Zubber, Hair Balls, Zoom-O, Friends Boutique, and other popular toys for today's kids.
MY sixyear-old cat has been suffering really badly with hair balls - it seems to be getting worse lately.
HAIR balls are common in cats and can cause problems if they build up in the stomach and are not cleared.
Just one sheet of his inventory on his natural history finds reads: tooth of elephant, mummified rat, hair balls taken from the stomachs of fat cattle slaughtered at Holmfirth, skull of albatross and tusk of wild boar and bones of the flightless moa (now extinct) from New Zealand .