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small pellet of ice that falls during a hailstorm

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She said: "The thunder had been rolling round for about 15 minutes with no visible lightning, then it went so dark all the street lights came on, then the heavens opened and hailstones lashed down.
Their best opportunity was wasted when Moffat volleyed over after a Hailstones corner picked him out at the back post.
BEIRUT: Severe thunderstorms struck several parts of Lebanon late Saturday and early Sunday, peppering many areas with large hailstones.
THIS British holiday jet shows its battle scars after going through a storm of GIANT HAILSTONES.
We had circulated over 5000 messages through WhatsApp and other social media mediums asking residents to take care in case of hailstones and heavy rains," Badar Al Baddaei, who runs www.
Layered over biological and geological observations are comments on the Lakota myths of the Milky Way and the settler's battle against drought, hailstones, and pulmonary disease.
Asiana Airlines flight 8942 landed safely after the aircraft's nose was blown off by hailstones on 9 June.
From freak hailstones with horns and colored snowflakes to rainfalls of frogs, climatologist Randy Cerveny uses his database of some 8,000 recorded strange weather events to provide a lively survey of the many forms of strange weather.
Left: Hailstones measuring 2 inches in diameter, fell in the Austin Great Hills area in Texas.
One afternoon the sky goes as black as night and hailstones as big as golf balls begin to fall.
A storm on July 18 rang up damage of SFr 70 million to cars, pelting hailstones the size of golf halls in 160 kilometre-per-hour winds.
Project tests involved dropping steel balls onto roofs and shooting frozen ice balls at them from a gun to determine which materials better withstand the impact of hailstones.
Hey, you take a few too many golf ball-sized hailstones to the noggin, it probably ceases to register after a while that the Tex-Mex food your city pridefully pushes down tourists' throats is suspiciously like what the rest of the country picks up at the drive-thru window of a fast-food joint.
The Bug Nebula, one of the most extreme planetary nebulae known, has a fiery, dying star at its center shrouded by a blanket of icy hailstones.
It dropped 14,000ft in two minutes as the baseballsized hailstones pounded the Delta Airlines Airbus, smashing the windscreen and nose cone and destroying its GPS navigation system.