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small pellet of ice that falls during a hailstorm

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One resident tweeted a picture of himself clutching a ball of hailstones in Shirley, while another posted a photograph of a hailstone the size of his fingernail.
A component of this initiative included determining the properties of hailstones that must be accounted for in laboratory material impact tests such that the results of these standardized test methods would be reasonably predictive of real-world performance of building materials.
On July 23, 2010, a hailstone fell out of a thunderstorm near Vivian, South Dakota.
The heavens opened up and there was just ice dropping from the sky - it was the size of sugar cubes, or even bigger, the whole place was getting covered in hailstones.
It cleared just in time for an impressive 30-minute fireworks display, although that was again punctuated by 10 minutes of huge hailstones bouncing down - leaving many shielding their eyes instead of looking up at the display.
One minute we were pouring water over our heads and putting ice packs down our back, the next minute we had ice falling from the sky with the hailstones and the temperature dropped to 10 degrees.
On July 23, 1996, orangesized hailstones caused almost PS210 million worth of damage in the Canadian cities of Calgary and Winnipeg, as well as serious flooding.
Resident Marian Ware added that her garden was covered with hailstones.
Sophie Newton, who lives in Sacriston, County Durham, was stunned as hailstones the size of her palm pelted her car and left her car windows smashed.
Martin Lawrence Hughes, 28, was spotted on December 7 last year travelling at "excess speeds" despite heavy hailstones.
Lynne Hailstones, from Craig y Don, Llandudno, said goodbye to her locks in aid of St David's Hospice in tribute to daughter Rachel.
The storm, which officials said was one of the worst seen in the country and the strongest to hit the city of Brisbane in three decades, rained hailstones the size of tennis balls on cars and buildings late Thursday, flooding streets and injuring 39 people.
MANILA -- Hailstones pelted parts of Makati City Wednesday afternoon, according to posts on social media by netizens.
A A car dealership owner told the channel that the hailstones broke or deformed the windshields, back windows, headlights, mirrors, fenders of the cars and noted that the newer cars had more damage, than the old.