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a salutation to the Virgin Mary now used in prayers to her


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Since the Holy Rosary is composed, principally and in substance, of the Prayer of Christ and the Angelic Salutation; that is, the Our Father and the Hail Mary, it was without doubt the first prayer and the first devotion of the faithful and has been in use all through the centuries, from the time of the Apostles and disciples down to the present.
In a nutshell: Typically contrived potboiler; say two Hail Marys and instead watch .
Three Hail Marys, one Our Father, and the Glory Be.
For John Paul, better than 10 national days of mourning [days off work], infinitely greater would be 10 Hail Marys and one Decade of the Rosary.
The rosary is an ancient prayer of contemplation that evolved from monks' recitation of all 150 psalms each day to the praying of 15 decades of Hail Marys punctuated by Our Fathers and Glory Be's.
He repeated the gesture all night, swallowing his own tired voice, surrounded by more than 1,000 mourners inside Our Lady of the Holy Rosary Church on Sunday chanting a unison of Hail Marys and the Apostles' Creed: ``We believe in one God.
A MONK caught speeding was shown mercy yesterday by a magistrate who joked: "How many Hail Marys shall we give him?
The Angelus was the lead noontime prayer, and it contained three full Hail Marys.
I think the prosecutors are doing some Hail Marys with part of this.
Adultery will cost three Our Fathers and three Hail Marys.
The Sun Devils said a few Hail Marys, prayed for loved ones and even mused about what newspaper headlines would say.
com--"uniting the seven major religions of the world in prayer"--invites visitors to purchase 500 Our Fathers, Hail Marys, or Glory Be's ($9.
As a child, she went to Catholic school, and as anyone raised on Hail Marys and Our Fathers knows, one of the first things you're taught is that you can't go to heaven unless you're baptized.
The Rosary's 150 repetitions of prayers, first representing Our Fathers and then Hail Marys, were seen as a substitute for the 150 Psalms prayed by monks in the Divine Office.