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a salutation to the Virgin Mary now used in prayers to her


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The Top 10 shows the Hail Mary taking pride of place amongst those surveyed, with the Angel Of God pushing the Our Father into third place.
If a team "wings it" and completes a Hail Mary pass on the final play of an upcoming NFL Divisional or Conference Championship Playoff game, KFC will donate $125,000 in the names of the quarterback/receiver combo who successfully "wing it" to The KFC Colonel's Scholars Program(R), a charity providing deserving students with much needed college scholarships(2).
Drawing heavily upon football metaphors in order to effectively communicate its points to guys everywhere, Fumbles, Field Goals, and the Myth of the Hail Mary covers everything from improving personal communication from learning how to take a "time out" when emotions such as anger may provoke a person to say or do things they would regret, to the parallels between a successful relationship and a positive team, and much more.
Fiona Hood-Stewart provides a fine novel in which a recently decreased matriarch manipulates everyone from the grave in a last ditch Hail Mary pass to see justice is done for her daughter.
We need not look too far in the news to find businesses that have imploded, companies with business plans that called for throwing the Hail Mary pass for their survival.
The public school day may not start with a Hail Mary or an Our Father, a mantra or a blood sacrifice, but public education does more of God's work for children every day than any other institution in America--and that includes the churches.
The last play of the last practice of the week is the same at Arizona and Mississippi State and plenty of other schools around the country: the wing-it-and-pray pass commonly known as the Hail Mary.
If you are ever distracted while saying the Hail Mary, or utter the words in mindless repetition, you will be pleasantly surprised with intercessory prayer.
Confronted with well-stated law that his voluntary resignation from the IMF terminated any immunity which he enjoyed, Mr Strauss-Khan throws (legally speaking that is) his own version of a Hail Mary pass," the paper quoted the judge, as saying.
Speaking from the secure psychiatric unit in Greece where he is being held, Hogan said: "Every night, I hold the pictures of my two children and say an Our Father for Liam and a Hail Mary for Mia.
Twenty-some years have passed, and to this day I still take the 15 seconds or so needed to recite a Hail Mary whenever I hear a siren.
23 against Washington State, and that was on a Hail Mary pass to end the game.
Many families begin with simple bedtime and meal prayers, then add traditional prayers such as the Hail Mary or Our Father.
His new single, Hail Mary, sounded fantastic and he surprised fans by performing Robbie's No Regrets and Take That's Could It Be Magic.
From this formation, we can throw the option pass, counter pass, and the Hail Mary patterns (spot & swing).