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a member of a seafaring group of North American Indians who lived on the Pacific coast of British Columbia and southwestern Alaska

the Na-Dene language of the Haida

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The social history and aesthetic value of art made by Haida people are subjects often in conflict or marked by a lack of clarity.
Especially noticeable in this photograph, however, is the Haida frontal pole visible at the rear of the hall, somewhat obscured by strange, protruding skulls of other specimens.
A physician by training, Newcombe became an avid student and collector of Haida artifacts.
The Haida have a living social structure, the complexity of which has always been rivaled and no doubt supported by the constitutive energy of its arts.
His mother was Sophie Gladstone, a Haida from Skidegate, one of the two still populated Haida villages, and his father was William Ronald Reid, a native of Michigan, of German and Scottish immigrant stock.
Reid writes, in Solitary Raven: The Essential Writings of Bill Reid, that he did not imagine himself to be anything other than WASP until his teens, and that Haida culture and its art held no sway over him prior to his first adult visit to Haida Gwaii when he was 23 and met his maternal grandfather, Charles Gladstone, in Skidegate.
It was not until 1954, at Charles Gladstone's funeral in Skidegate, for which Reid wrote and broadcast a eulogy on the CBC, that a Haida component of Reid's personality emerged.
Originally there were four Haida guys that owned the place, so we decided to call ourselves HaidaBucks.
He represented Delgamuukw before the Supreme Court of Canada and is now counsel for the Haida Nation in its Aboriginal title claim.
BEING IN BEING is the final volume in Canadian poet Robert Bringhurst's controversial trilogy in homage to the classical Haida mythtellers.
The difficulty lies in the unfamiliarity of the narrative content and its cultural context, both obvious to the storytellers and audience of classical nineteenth-century Haida oral literature but alien to most of us.
What do Yeats's "Leda and the Swan," Rilke's "Leda," Rilke's "Pieth," and the Michelangelo sculpture have to do with classical Haida storytelling and contemporary translation?
The Haida Nation has put Canada on notice that it is asserting Aboriginal title to the Queen Charlotte Islands, known as Haida Gwaii, where the Haida make up one-third of the population.
Aboriginal rights lawyer Louise Mandell, who is representing the Haida, describes the claim as "groundbreaking.
The Haida writ, which was launched amid a large turnout from their 33 clans, may be timed to interfere with the provincial government's move to lift a moratorium on oil and gas exploration offshore.