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a member of a seafaring group of North American Indians who lived on the Pacific coast of British Columbia and southwestern Alaska

the Na-Dene language of the Haida

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The sources said the confrontations between Yemeni troops and Al Houthi followers erupted last Sunday after a car carrying a group of Al Houthi followers refused to stop at one of the military checkpoints in Haidan district.
Shedding light on safe technology for children and youth and digital parenting, and speaking about Vodafone's AmanTECH programme, Haidan said: "When PCs were the only or main portal to the Internet at home, it was easier for parents to monitor the time their children spent online, as well as what they looked at.
One government committee concerned with damage assessment and compensation previously stated to media outlets that, "Many displaced residents in Haidan and Saqain districts are experiencing harsh living conditions because relief agencies and charitable organizations are concentrating on those refugees living in tents in the suburbs around the provincial capital.
This is why we have been funding the Youth Service Clubs programme since its inception and value our partnership with Rota as it is supporting youth empowerment to become influential leaders," said Dana Haidan, head of corporate social responsibility at Vodafone Qatar.
The sources said bloody clashes currently are occurring in Sihar, Haidan, Saqain, Dhahian and Mirran districts, adding that the Yemeni army is employing various types of heavy weaponry, including fighter jets and helicopters that have terribly devastated area residents' homes and farmlands.
A security official told Saba that the aggression coalition warplanes launched a raid on the area of al-Mezalah in Al-Zaher district, and two raids on al-Aqaba in Maran area in Haidan district.
Vodafone's purpose has always been to make a world of difference, whether in the way people communicate or in improving their quality of life," explained Dana Haidan, Head of Corporate Responsibility of Vodafone Qatar.
Regarding the security situation in the war-torn governorate, tribal sources confirm that bloody confrontations continue in numerous Sa'ada areas, most notably in the main Houthi stronghold of Mirran district, as well as in Haidan, Baqem and Harf Sifyan districts.
In Saada governorate, the source made clear that the aggression military jets launched an airstrike against Al-Farae area in Kitaf district and another one against Maran area in Haidan area, as well as two raids against Shada district and another one which targeted Al-Thahir district.
Dana Haidan, head of corporate responsibility at Vodafone Qatar said, "At Vodafone Qatar, we believe in the impact that volunteering and community service can have on the personal and professional development of youth which is why we sponsored the Rota Volunteer Programme.
Findings of some air strikes against civilian targets in Saada indicates to the killing of 10 children in a school in Haidan area in August 2016, and a public market in Sihar district with five strikes and a mosque in the same area with 10 air attacks.
Vodafone Qatar believes it is important to provide volunteers with opportunities to make an impact on children in Asia and, in this case, a high school in Cambodia," said Dana Haidan, head of corporate social responsibility at Vodafone Qatar.
Mohammed Said Haidan on Corrado's Coriana was second in 77.
Meanwhile, Saudi missiles targeted Maran area of Haidan district.