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a member of a seafaring group of North American Indians who lived on the Pacific coast of British Columbia and southwestern Alaska

the Na-Dene language of the Haida

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15) Enbridge Northern Gateway Project Joint Review Panel (31 May 2013), OH-4-2011 (Final Argument, Council of the Haida Nation) at para 58, online: Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency <http://www.
They describe the circumstances that brought all parties together, preparations for the visit, moments of encounter, reflecting on the visit, maintaining relationships into the future, the complicated relationships as they are and as they might be, and Haida Gwaii's work with the museum.
Davidson isn't recounting a fairy tale--he's casually explaining the regular presence of supernatural beings in Haida life.
The HSRC, which was started by the indigenous Haida people of western Canada in response to dwindling salmon stocks, has contested the raids and allegations of illegality.
The revised Places of Refuge Contingency Plan for the Pacific Region includes a new Annex that identifies potential places of refuge around Haida Gwaii.
It would seem, then, that Dawson's representations of the Queen Charlotte Islands can be positioned squarely within this optic of cartographic erasure--by largely mapping the Haida out of these islands, Dawson seemed to delegitimize Haida territoriality in order to enfranchise future Euro-Canadian settlement and resource exploitation.
As one of fewer than 3,000 annual visitors to the Gwaii Haanas National Park Reserve, National Marine Conservation Area Reserve and Haida Heritage Site (often referred to simply as Gwaii Haanas), I had a unique opportunity not only to see the islands' beautiful scenery but also to learn about an ambitious effort to turn the clock back culturally and ecologically in this archipelago about 81 miles off mainland British Columbia.
His Majesty's Canadian Ships Huron and Haida, like HMS Tartar, Ashanti and Eskimo, were of the Tribal class, a type of super-destroyer that entered production in 1937, in response to the greater gun armament (six 5-inchers in twin turrets) introduced in Japan's game-changing Fubuki class in 1929.
The transaction involved an early stage investment into Haida Technologies.
Later they will tour the Haida Heritage Centre, officially open the Haida Gwaii Hospital and Care Centre and end the day by taking a boat fishing trip.
Holiday like royalty The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will arrive in Canada on September 24 to visit Vancouver, the Yukon and the archipelago of Haida Gwaii.
On July 7, Catherine McKenna, the Minister of Environment and Climate Change and Minister responsible for Parks Canada, joined the Council of the Haida Nation President Kil tlaats 'gaa Peter Lantin to announce more than $650,000 in infrastructure investments in Gwaii Haanas.
Behind the museum sits a replica of a Haida village, easily enticing one's mind to soar as guides share favorite folklore.
Cara Krmpotich and Laura Peers, with the Haida Repatriation Committee and staff of the Pitt Rivers Museum and British Museum, This is Our Life: Haida Material Heritage and Changing Museum Practice.