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German chemist who was co-discoverer with Lise Meitner of nuclear fission (1879-1968)


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Indeed, if anything, Hahn musical persona is one of sobriety -- none of this ``girls just wanna have fun'' stuff for her.
According to Hahn, on average, auto suppliers win about 5% of the business they pursue.
Don't get me started,'' Hahn told her City Council colleagues during a committee hearing Tuesday.
Hahn is responsible for driving the direction of Accelrys' science and technology by working closely with Accelrys' clients and ensuring the visibility and viability of the scientific and technical pedigree of Accelrys.
Hahn said Armenta did not pull over, and three patrol cars chased him at speeds up to 100 mph.
The top red wine is the 2002 Hahn Estates Meritage, made by winemaker Adam LaZarre, who accepted the award at the fair.
Hahn was a member of the board of directors of several high-tech companies, including Victor Graphic.
Hahn is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, the Illinois CPA Society, the Colorado CPA Society and the American Management Association.
After a few brief remarks, he left to take his mother home, leaving Janice Hahn to field questions from reporters.
Soboroff picked up voters in the weeks leading up to the election, but not enough to beat Hahn.
But even if it's a problem Hahn inherited, it's one he's done next to nothing to correct - despite taking ample credit where none is deserved.
Councilman Antonio Villaraigosa, who is challenging Hahn in the May 17 runoff and is a former head of the ACLU in Los Angeles, would not comment on the plan, campaign aides said.
IT Radio Network, "The Voice of E-Business," is now featuring an in-depth interview with Stephanie Hahn, general manager of IBM's Customer Relationship Management Solutions Unit (NYSE:IBM).
Hahn, the champion campaigner who has won citywide office six straight times, was fighting for his political life.