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German chemist who was co-discoverer with Lise Meitner of nuclear fission (1879-1968)


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Indeed, if anything, Hahn musical persona is one of sobriety -- none of this ``girls just wanna have fun'' stuff for her.
According to Hahn, on average, auto suppliers win about 5% of the business they pursue.
Hahn also served on the board of directors of several high technology companies and managed numerous private placements and venture financings.
Don't get me started,'' Hahn told her City Council colleagues during a committee hearing Tuesday.
Hahn said Armenta did not pull over, and three patrol cars chased him at speeds up to 100 mph.
Hahn is responsible for driving the direction of Accelrys' science and technology by working closely with Accelrys' clients and ensuring the visibility and viability of the scientific and technical pedigree of Accelrys.
For four years, Hahn promised to stop sending the city's trash to the Sunshine Canyon landfill in Granada Hills.
The top red wine is the 2002 Hahn Estates Meritage, made by winemaker Adam LaZarre, who accepted the award at the fair.
I have never of heard of this,'' Hahn, a 24-year CHP veteran, said.
The goal of creating this Enhanced Safety and Security Master Plan is to modernize LAX to protect one of Los Angeles' key economic engines," Mayor Hahn said.
The timing of the proposal sent shock waves through the Hahn campaign, and surprised even veteran political experts.
Mayor Jim Hahn pledged to boost Los Angeles' economy by expanding trade opportunities during his first "International State of the City Address" at World Trade Through L.
Shadowed by questions about how many voters are still undecided and how many will turn out on election day, Mayor James Hahn and challenger Antonio Villaraigosa intensified their efforts Thursday as the hotly contested campaign entered its final days.
Hahn was the Vice President, Scientific Affairs of IVAX Corporation where he was involved with evaluating and maintaining IVAX's intellectual property portfolio.