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a Hebrew title of respect for a wise and highly educated man

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The ultra-orthodox community has preserved over generations the high value placed on studying religious texts and becoming talmid haham (learned scholar) and argues that Jewish learning is a crucial part of encouraging spiritual growth, ensuring national survival, and maintaining community cohesiveness.
On Samuel's suggestion, he contacted Haham (the Sephardic Chief Rabbi) Moses Gaster who had been one of Herzl's key supporters in Britain.
We thought the shaganova boy-band singer had found true love with blonde beauty Maxine Haham, who he has been seeing since Christmas.
The leader of Curacao's Jewish community, Haham Jesurun, noted that the "Germans [Ashkenazic Jews] are more in Number than Wee there.
120 to 121 Born in the island of Curacao on Sunday the 9th of January 1864--correspdg to the 1st of Shebat 5624--Jeosuah Naar Son of Mordechay & Rachel Henriquez I the undersign[ed] declare that no circumcision has taken place for I have not said the Blessing of the mila, but to please the Revd Haham Aron Mendes Chumaceiro--praes [prayers] has been said.
Israel Baer Kursheedt is portrayed as not only America's official haham (wise man, sage) for nearly half a century, but also as a rejuvenator of moribund communal institutions and a pioneer in expanding American Jewish interests beyond the borders of this country.
produce the Talmud Haham, but it should cultivate an abiding interest in