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the site of the royal residence and the de facto capital in the western part of the Netherlands

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This year Congress takes place in The Hague, Netherlands with a leading line up of international speakers from government, agencies and industry experts.
The resumption of the trial followed an adjournment last week to allow the prosecution time to have its witness travel to The Hague, Netherlands.
This event has been conducted at the Hague, Netherlands in a world class facilities of the World Forum Convention Centre.
He was captured on July 21 in Belgrade and faces 11 war crimes charges at the UN tribunal in The Hague, Netherlands.
Preparations for Tolimir's transfer to the UN detention unit near The Hague, Netherlands, were under way.
s highest court in The Hague, Netherlands opened hearings into a maritime border dispute between Nicaragua and Honduras, which almost triggered a war in 1999, reports Reuters (March 5, 2007).
LIBERIA: Former warlord; Charles Taylor, facing eleven charges of war crimes has been transferred to The Hague, Netherlands.
A Burger King spokeswoman said Astrid showed the frog to the manager at the cafe in The Hague, Netherlands.
Something unusual was happening at a children's hospital in The Hague, Netherlands.
She served as Navy Section Chief, in the Office of Defense Cooperation in the Hague, Netherlands before reporting to the Defense Institute of Security Assistance Management.
Crain Communications, Congress Centre, The Hague, Netherlands (+44-0-20-7457-1404)
The United Nations wants Milosevic to stand trial for war crimes before an international court in the Hague, Netherlands.
There have been some 15 cases in which courts, including the International Court at The Hague, Netherlands, have awarded reparations.
The aim would be to provide an incentive for Serbs to turn on their leader, seize him and turn him over for trial to the international war crimes tribunal in The Hague, Netherlands, said the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity.