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Synonyms for Haggai

a Hebrew minor prophet


an Old Testament book telling the prophecies of Haggai which are concerned mainly with rebuilding the temples after the Babylonian Captivity

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When offered "anything" before going to the king, Esther had no demands or requests other than whatever Hagay wished to give her.
Hagay Katz, Gilat's AVP, Head of VSAT Line of Business, said : "We are constantly striving to increase performance and efficiency while decreasing costs for our customers.
Moreover, the Accent enables operators to increase revenue by supporting new services such as cellular backhaul of large cell sites, on-demand and on-schedule video contribution, backup, and disaster recovery," explained Hagay Katz, Gilat's AVP, Head of VSAT Line of Business.
Opening of California Office and Hire of Hagay Zamir, an Architecture Exploration Expert, Reflects CoFluent's Commitment to U.
Now is the time for businesses to realize the flexibility and reliability of hosted solutions when compared to on-premise technology," said Hagay Elyakim, V.
This expansion will allow us to not only maintain our leading position in the market, but also help us increase our use of solar energy and water reclamation, which, when combined, will enable us to offer the most natural and environmentally friendly product on the market, said Hagay Tzur, CEO of Algatechnologies.
The Company appointed Hagay Elyakim as president of this subsidiary.
SimplyCT was designed to be used from any location with easy setup and minimal training required," said Hagay Elyakim, EVP Sales & Marketing.
NASDAQ:MAIL), a leading software company specializing in consumer Internet products and services, announced today that Nimrod May has been named Vice President of Online Communities, and that Hagay Elyakim has joined IncrediMail's BizChord Ltd.
Hagay Sitry, CEO at Pixer, stated: "This sale illustrates the industry trust in our Shade-In ElementTM technology and in Pixer to deliver a practical and effective solution for CD Uniformity control, which is one of the "Red Flags" in the 2005 ITRS.
Understanding the effects on resources, such as operating system queues, buffers and system cache, makes software performance and partitioning a key element in embedded SoC design," said Hagay Zamir, director of system architecture products for Summit Design.
Hagay Sitry, CEO at Pixer, stated: "Opening a subsidiary in California responsible for sales and customer support activities reflects the growing interest in our technology in North America.
E[acute accent]"As part of our roadmap, we identified critical technologies for a complete architecture exploration solution at the system-level," stated Hagay Zamir, product director, architecture products at Summit Design.
Hagay Sitry, President and CEO, explains: "Pixer" is a combination of "PIXel" and "lasER".
Tower Semiconductor is excited to manufacture the MaxxBass ASIC for Waves," said Dvir Hagay, vice president of sales for Europe and Asia, Tower Semiconductor Ltd.