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the clandestine military wing of the Jewish leadership during the British rule over the mandate of Palestine from 1920 to 1948

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FST's biometric identification solutions deliver vital tools to increase the level of security we provide to our customers, without slowing the speed of operations," said Villi Braverman , Ombudsman of Groupo Hagana.
Finally, a Hagana unit came and dug a mass grave in which it buried 250 Arab corpses, most of them women, children and the elderly.
In the early morning of April 9, and while Palestinians were ostensibly under British mandate protection, the Irgun, led by Polish Menachem Begin and Stern Gang terrorists supported by the Hagana, launched a co-ordinated attack on the village.
Nightly bombing campaigns, daily artillery attacks from a nearby hilltop and the screams of fleeing residents from neighbouring villages, warned Beit Jabrin residents the Hagana troops were closing in.
The quiet close of this cipher of a story takes the form of a trip to Israel financed by the various members, in which Raphael is mockingly told by one of the Hagana leaders that there are enough Zionist organisations in Egypt, and that if he and his friends want to contribute to the settlement effort they must emigrate to Palestine.
According to him "the main catalyst for the flight was the attacks by the Hagana, Ezel, Lehi and Israel Defense Forces and not the calls or instructions of the leaders of Arab countries or of the Supreme Arab Council and the Mufti.
One group, ideologically aligning itself with Ze'Ev Jabotinsky's Revisionist Movement, rejected the "Restraint" policy of the Jewish Agency's Hagana forces.
Most villages were destined to be destroyed [by Hagana brigades], and only in very exceptional cases were the soldiers ordered to leave them intact" (p.
Gilan, From a Land of Exile to the Chosen Land, the Story of a Commander in 'Shurot Hameginim', the Hagana in Cyprus Deportation Camps (Tel Aviv: Tirosh, 2005), 109-131.
While the infants died and the adults went to a concentration camp, the aims of the hagana (11) were political, to put international pressure on the British to leave Palestine.
The next day we were moved by a speech by the local commander of the Hagana, the Jewish underground fighting the British occupation, who led us in taking an oath: "Never again will we go like lambs to the slaughter
Interviews with two former Hagana soldiers who were involved in the occupation of Lubya, and the accounts of the main leaders of the Jewish force that occupied the village, clearly show that the Lubyans fought with all they had in terms of simple and basic weaponry against a well-equipped army supported by airplanes, cannons, and armoured vehicles.
But on May 14, 1948, the Jewish Provisional State Council proclaimed the new state of Israel and the secret Jewish army, the Hagana, was declared as the new army of Israel.
72) First, there was nationalist movement, acting through its military arm, the Hagana, the civilian army, its terrorist groups, and it's political arm, the Jewish Agency.
It gave peace price to Menachem Begin, who had been a member of Hagana, a radical party of the Jews, who killed tens of thousands of innocent Paleistinians and forced many of them to leave their hearth and home.