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the clandestine military wing of the Jewish leadership during the British rule over the mandate of Palestine from 1920 to 1948

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Summary: The forces of the Zionist gangs Tsel, IZL and Hagana, fitted out with the Zionist terrorist strategy of killing civilians in order to achieve their aspirations, began stealing into the village of Dair Yasin on the night of April 9, 1948.
Ahmed Omar of the Ministry of Health and Population in Egypt has stated that the Ministry will start a campaign to vaccinate children under-five against polio in Ezbet Hagana Peace and Kaliobeya in Cairo.
Following a British raid on the Jewish Agency's offices and confiscation of documents revealing links between Irgun, the Hagana and other terrorist organisations on June 29, 1946, the United Resistance, an umbrella organisation for Jewish groups, ordered the bombing of King David Hotel.
Plan Dalet is a cluster of orders send by the Hagana High Command from the beginning of March 1948.
The Brits' major tactic was a naval blockade of the Palestinian coast, a seaborne wall that was challenged by the blockade-runners of the Hagana, the Hebrew underground.
Nightly bombing campaigns, daily artillery attacks from a nearby hilltop and the screams of fleeing residents from neighbouring villages, warned Beit Jabrin residents the Hagana troops were closing in.
In researching The Birth of the Palestinian Refugee Problem 1947-1949, the most influential work of the new historians, Morris had "no access to the materials in the IDFA [Israel Defense Force Archive] or Hagana Archive and precious little to first-hand military materials deposited elsewhere.
Pappe documents how, from the time of the November 1947 UN resolution to partition Palestine until the end of their mandate in May 1948, the British had stood by while the Jewish terrorist gangs and the official Jewish army, the Hagana (later to merge to become the Israel Defence Force), cleansed scores of Arab townships, including such major centres as Haifa and Jaffa.
According to him "the main catalyst for the flight was the attacks by the Hagana, Ezel, Lehi and Israel Defense Forces and not the calls or instructions of the leaders of Arab countries or of the Supreme Arab Council and the Mufti.
The quiet close of this cipher of a story takes the form of a trip to Israel financed by the various members, in which Raphael is mockingly told by one of the Hagana leaders that there are enough Zionist organisations in Egypt, and that if he and his friends want to contribute to the settlement effort they must emigrate to Palestine.
En 1948, se renombro como las Fuerzas de Defensa de Israel (Zva Hagana LeYisrael o Zahal).
One group, ideologically aligning itself with Ze'Ev Jabotinsky's Revisionist Movement, rejected the "Restraint" policy of the Jewish Agency's Hagana forces.
Most villages were destined to be destroyed [by Hagana brigades], and only in very exceptional cases were the soldiers ordered to leave them intact" (p.