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a short selection from the Prophets read on every Sabbath in a Jewish synagogue following a reading from the Torah

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The Book of Haftarot For Shabbat, Festivals, and Fast Days: An Easy-to-Read Haftarah Translation is the sequel to THE FIVE BOOKS OF MOSES and is a 'must' for any serious Judaic studies collection.
These commentaries by Michael Fishbane were condensed expressly for Etz Hayim, in advance, from The JPS Bible Commentary: Haftarot (2002).
1) The annual cycle of Torah readings followed by the reading of the haftarot is a central part of the synagogue service, the linkage dating to a period before the canon had been fixed when the Scriptures were globally referred to as "The Law and the Prophets.
However, our knowledge concerning the weekly readings of the haftarot is somewhat obscure, since our sources are not contemporaneous with its origins, and depend heavily on Abudarham, a fourteenth-century Spanish liturgical commentator.
In the so-called Triennial Cycle comparatively few haftarot were chosen from the Former Prophets which contain historical and archival material, in contrast to those chosen in the Annual Cycle, which contains eight haftarot from Joshua, Judges, and Samuel and eleven from the Book of Kings.
He is an ideal choice for this task since most, though not all, haftarot are linked to the Torah reading by intertextual links.
Fishbane points out that in the so-called Triennial Cycle, while some haftarot were selected because of verbal resonances that link the beginning of the haftarah to the Torah portion, others read in this cycle were also chosen because of their eschatological or messianic messages.
The intertextual links between the haftarot and the Torah reading often help to clarify the latter in a manner that is not verso-centric (11) but in the context of an entire pericope.
26) The linkages between the haftarot and the Torah readings that precede them are often due to the diachronic use of intrabiblical midrashic exegesis by the biblical authors themselves.
New in this edition are commentaries for the haftarot (additional prophetical readings) excerpted, thoroughly re-edited and supplemented from W.
The JPS Bible Commentary Haftarot, edited and translated by Michael Fishbane (Philadelphia: Jewish Publication Society, 2002).
Luzzatto, Il Pentateuco colle Haftarot volgarizzato (Trieste: Colombo Coen, 1858-1860), it was printed together with his Hebrew commentary in S.