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pain caused by venous swelling at or inside the anal sphincter

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RBL is a procedure in which haemorrhoidal tissue 1-2cm above dentate line is grasped, pulled into the barrel of an elastic band applicator and a small elastic band is slipped over it.
Doppler guided transanal haemorrhoidal dearterialization for haemorrhoids: results from a multicentre trial.
It is a less intrusive method than a haemorrhoidectomy because we do not cut or remove any haemorrhoidal tissue.
Transanal haemorrhoidal dearterialization for the treatment of grade III and IV haemorrhoids: a 3-year experience.
Walnut leaves are considered a source of healthcare compounds and have been intensely used in traditional medicine for treatment of venous insufficiency and haemorrhoidal symptomatology and for its antidiarrheic, antihelminthic, depurative and astringent properties (Van Hellemont 1986; Bruneton 1993; Wichtl and Anton 1999).
If they are more advanced, you may consider a procedure known as Transanal Haemorrhoidal De-arterialisation, or THD.
Objectives: To assess symptomatic relief in haemorrhoidal disease using rubber band ligation.
The anus is surrounded by many blood vessels including the very weak '2,7,9 haemorrhoidal veins' If these become dilated and swollen, they project into the anal canal or out of the back passage to form visible swellings.
Treatment of haemorrhoid disease by reduction of mucosa and haemorrhoidal prolapse with a circularstapling device: a new procedure.
It is recommended for treating venous circulation disorders and for treating symptoms due to acute haemorrhoidal attack.
Daflon 500 mg in the treatment of haemorrhoidal disease: a demonstrated efficacy in comparison with placebo, Angiology; 45: 574-578.
Whereas EH removes the prolapsed haemorrhoids, it does not address the underlying cause of both mucosal and haemorrhoidal prolapse; conversely PPH, by 'lifting' the prolapsed haemorrhoids and mucosa, re-places the haemorrhoidal cushions high in the anal canal, thus establishing the topographical relationship between the anal cushions and the rectal muscle layer.
Haemorrhoidal, Phlebitis & Varicose Preparations n.
If so, perhaps they would welcome a few suggestions, such as Fallen Arches, Bedpan Boulevard, Ambulance Chase, Vasectomy Cut, Haemorrhoidal Bottoms (or Piles Place), Medicine Creek, Cardiac Crescent, etc.
Certain yoga positions are particularly useful for draining haemorrhoidal veins.