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She said: "What is tragic is that so many haemophiliacs including my husband and brother-in-law died a painful death without the justice they deserved.
But no, you just had to be a haemophiliac or even a normal person unlucky to have a transfusion.
This year, I have lost two friends - one a haemophiliac and the other who received infected blood as a transfusion," he said.
Thanks to considerable improvement in quality and safety of replacement therapy, the life span of haemophiliacs has substantially increased over the last decade, so that it is now approaching that of the males in the general population.
But the professor, who was a consultant haematologist in Birmingham at the time, said there were differing scientific views on the best treatment for haemophiliacs - with recommendations to continue using blood products which turned out to be contaminated.
The probe will look at the deaths of 1,757 haemophiliacs after mistakes made in the early 1970s and early 1980s.
A HAEMOPHILIAC patient is considering legal action after being told he may be at risk of the human form of mad cow disease.
It is estimated 1,250 haemophiliacs contracted HIV from infected blood products -and so far 800 have died.
drug company which manufactured a blood-clotting agent used by haemophiliacs.
In 1991, the Govern-ment agreed an initial pounds 8 million settlement with the haemophiliacs but more had been promised.
Both were haemophiliacs who had received infected blood products.
Most of the plasma would go towards making the blood-clotting agent Factor Eight for the country's 10,000 haemophiliacs.
Lord Penrose will deliver his report into the scandal, which saw haemophiliacs and other patients given the blood of skid row prisoners in the US and Scotland.