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German biologist and philosopher

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Some were invoked explicitly, such as the doctrine of Haeckelian recapitulationism, whereas others were implicit.
Haeckelian recapitulationism is the notion that evolutionary change occurs via the addition of stages to late ontogeny, retaining the previous stages, with the result that the adult stages of the ancestors of an organism became telescoped into its ontogeny (Gould, 1977; Richards, 2008).
The series of conceptual disconnects within the Baileyan scheme, including confusion regarding the meaning of specialization as well as points such as linearity, fractality, and the Haeckelian worldview, are certainly a large part of why wood anatomy sat so long on the sidelines of evolutionary study, where to some extent it continues underrepresented.
In his frightening contradictions and his equally obvious consistency, no one illustrates better than Forel the existence of a powerful current -- that of a monism that is distinct from Haeckelian evolutionism, to which it has been rather hastily assimilated -- that cannot be tacked onto a geneaology going directly from Spencerian liberalism to present-day sociobiologies.