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the essence that makes something the kind of thing it is and makes it different from any other

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Another reminiscence in this context approaches from the side of John Duns Scotus, who had in turn forged his grasp and validation of presence into the concept of haecceitas.
Growing out of certain suggestions made by James Hart in his Who One Is, this interpretation is meant to provide the phenomenological ethics of both Edmund Husserl and Max Scheler with a useful theoretical tool in the Scotist notion of haecceitas interpreted as a horizon of value in order to develop more fully the phenomenological idea of the ethical life as a task that specifically seeks to realize as its highest goal the vocation of the person to his ideal, true self.
Scotus's theology of divine potentiality and actuality along with his notion of haecceitas demonstrates the problem with a simplistic acceptance of all forms of natural violence.
A haecceitas e um principio de individuacao, pois assim como Socrates foi um ser humano, no sentido de sua Natureza Comum, foi um homem especifico devido a sua haecceitas, ou individualidade especial.
Haecceitas (quite literally, "this-ness") is Scotus's contribution to the medieval debate on universals and individuation.
August Kleinzahler, who is a wonderful evoker of the here-and-now, of what Hopkins called haecceitas, has produced a tripartite book of essays, frequently playful, even flip, but with much of the plangency springing from a life enjoyed somewhere inside the text.
In another Hopkinsian echo, the speaker here alludes to Duns Scotus's principle of haecceitas, the mysterious "thisness" of each "mortal thing,"--here, the lake itself, whose sound seems to communicate its elusive essence.
Having distinguished between a physical object and its poetic equivalent, Brook explains how Montale creates certain poetic objects that simultaneously include the universal and the particular or, in terms associated with Duns Scotus, natura communis and haecceitas.
He weaves an ostensibly literal language that strives toward what he called the haecceitas or "thisness" of things, concentrating on pattern and structure ("spike flower like plantain, flowering gradually up the spike"), with a figurative language that makes objects imaginatively visible in his text ("every fingered or fretted leaf").
Although destined to make the thing, or say essence, actual, all the formal determinants remained, somehow or other, restricted onto the plane of the universal, wherefore Scotus comes to ascribe the completion of actualization in individuals to the circumstance comprised by the term haecceitas ('thisness').
aims to develop a soteriological significance for individual nations and for their associated national identities, primarily with Scotus's notion of haecceitas ("thisness" or "individual uniqueness"); this national "soteriology" would provide a foundation for the unchanging character of a particular nation while appreciating its contingent and historical variability.
79 payment to Haecceitas Ltd for website Eleanor Burnham Liberal Democrat North Wales Travel Costs: pounds 7,234.
Bernadette Waterman Ward might question Hansen's definition of Hopkins' term "inscape," which seems to treat the word (as she herself does not) as equivalent to Scotus' haecceitas (p.