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the essence that makes something the kind of thing it is and makes it different from any other

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Es desde tal haecceitas o "modo de ser personal y propio" desde la que el hombre responde a los desafios que se le presentan, eligiendo fines y comprometiendose con ellos, adhiriendose a causas y proyectos, y persiguiendo su propia vocacion para conquistar una personalidad dentro de la estructura social que le es dada como circunstancia.
Another reminiscence in this context approaches from the side of John Duns Scotus, who had in turn forged his grasp and validation of presence into the concept of haecceitas.
Growing out of certain suggestions made by James Hart in his Who One Is, this interpretation is meant to provide the phenomenological ethics of both Edmund Husserl and Max Scheler with a useful theoretical tool in the Scotist notion of haecceitas interpreted as a horizon of value in order to develop more fully the phenomenological idea of the ethical life as a task that specifically seeks to realize as its highest goal the vocation of the person to his ideal, true self.
En Scoto encuentra Heidegger a un pensador nominalista, muy sensible hacia lo individual, siendo que para el, lo que existe realmente es solo un "ente individual", a lo que da el nombre de haecceitas, que significa algo asi como "la caracteristica que tienen las cosas de 'ser esto que ahora esta aqui'" (podemos ver en este concepto un antecedente del Da-sein de Ser y Tiempo).
Next, I summarize John Duns Scotus's notion of haecceitas as a model for boundless divine love.
The novel is, in part, a record of Ippolita's attempts to shed her recalcitrant otherness, her haecceitas.
We begin with the coolly rational and objective tone of the essayist, proceed to the historian's recounting of fact, and end in the literateur's caustic recounting of Rumkowski's haecceitas in its broad variety, as revealed in Runkowki's actions, there to suffer impotentia judicandi.
10) A menos que uno introduzca en la esencia un elemento de haecceitas, tal como decir que un individuo b ha de tener entre sus propiedades esenciales la de ser una instancia de [[lambda]x (x = b)].
While love was said to deliver the other to us in her haecceitas, the device of alterity forces us to retain from this multiple and differentiated phenomenon only the most undifferentiated and impersonal mark that there is.
These were paid to London-based Haecceitas, which specialises in online campaigning.
Tal distincao e formal porque a Natureza Comum e a haecceitas seriam "formalitates", ou seja, qualidades diversas somente para a mente, mas inseparaveis como elementos de um mesmo ser.
En el universal estructural (7) se describe un mundo posible en el que se dan dos esferas simetricas entre si, una de las cuales tiene la haecceitas [a.
1) The noted literary biographer Joseph Pearce has asserted that, in his emphasis on separateness and uniqueness, Tolkien reflects two other mostly forgotten elements of Catholic philosophy: the haecceitas of John Duns Scotus, and the inscape of Gerard Manley Hopkins (Pearce 113-115).