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Synonyms for hajji

a general term used by foreign soldiers to refer to the Iraqi people

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an Arabic term of respect for someone who has made the pilgrimage to Mecca


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Earlier, Hadzhi had warned of attempts by "certain groups in the country" to sabotage the forthcoming "free election" of Bulgaria's Muslim leadership.
Hadzhi recently extended congratulations to Bulgaria's newly elected Orthodox Patriarch Neofit.
I am not the person to lead the institutions through that way but I personally welcome it, I am well-intentioned in that sense, and I expect this project to find its realization, of course, withing the rules and laws," Plevneliev stated during his meeting with Mustafa Hadzhi, as cited by BGNES.
He said he and Hadzhi discussed neither the ongoing radical Islamism trial against several immams in Bulgaria's Pazardzhik, nor the idea to hold a local referendum for the construction of a new mosque in Plevneliev's hometown a Gotse Delchev in Southwestern Bulgaria, whose region features a large community of ethnic Bulgarian Muslims.
The latter is probably a reference to the unofficial exposure of Hadzhi and several other known personalities as agents in 2006 by now former Interior Minister, Rumen Petkov a he said then that the Mufti's file had been destroyed - a statement included in another US secret cable, Bivol writes.
Meanwhile, speaking for the Bulgarian National Radio, BNR, Wednesday, Hadzhi adamantly denied ever having anything to do with DS.
The former Chief Mufti lost another court battle in April 2011, when the Sofia Appellate Court ruled that Mustafa Hadzhi was the legitimate Chief Mufti of the Bulgarian Muslim community.
In addition to Parvanov, Gul will meet with Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov, the Speaker of the Parliament, Tsetska Tsacheva, the Chief Mufti, Mustafa Alish Hadzhi, and the Chair of the Parliamentary Group for Bulgarian-Turkish Friendship, Ramadan Atalay from the ethnic Turkish party Movement for Rights and Freedoms.
All Muslims are referred to as "terrorists", which we find highly insulting", said Chief Mufti Mustafa Alish Hadzhi, urging a serious approach to the matter to let justice triumph .
Alish Hadzhi pointed out his office would be first to oppose radicalism, adding it is unacceptable to insult people over their religion.
One of them, Hadzhi Pirushi, has praised the program of the Bulgarian government for accepting Bulgarian youth from Albania into Bulgarian universities, as cited by the national radio.
The Sofia Appellate Court ruled Thursday that Mustafa Hadzhi as the legitimate Chief Mufti of the Bulgarian Muslim community.
The rule came after a long court battle between Hadzhi and the other person claiming the post, Nedim Gendzhev.