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a port city in eastern Tunisia on the Mediterranean

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3) Clodius came from Hadrumetum near Carthage and therefore from Africa Proconsularis, the same province as Apuleius.
The artistic canons of Hadrumetum (Sousse) are completely different from those of Carthage, and continue without significant variation over the course of six centuries (p.
66) Once there, Reparatus of Carthage was deposed and exiled to Euchaita in Asia where he died, and Primasius of Hadrumetum, the delegate of the ailing primate of Byzacena, was sent to a monastery in Constantinople where he too expired.
Dr Weaver presented a synopsis of her treatment of the subject in 1990 in her article `Anthropology' in Everett Ferguson's Encyclopedia of Early Christianity; she has now provided an account of the dispute commonly called Semi-Pelagian from Augustine's dealings in 4z6 with the monks of Hadrumetum, who questioned his doctrine that human salvation was achieved only by the gift of unmerited grace, to the decisions of the Council of Orange of sag which, formally approved by Pope Boniface II in 531, appeared, rather delusively, to provide a definition of grace and free will for medieval and later theologians.