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Roman Emperor who was the adoptive son of Trajan

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Arrian's Second Sophistic retractatio of an earlier periplus, disguised as a letter to Hadrian and adorned with Hadrianic themes, offers no proof that Arrian circumnavigated the Euxine, as some seem to think (e.
Katja Lembke contributes a comparative study of gigantism and monumentalism: she suggests a Hadrianic project for the imperial cult, but leaves room for multifunctionality.
We read of a momentous debate, held clandestinely in the attic of Nitza in Lod, at the time of the Hadrianic persecutions when the practice of Judaism was all but outlawed.
It is at once intimate and grand, with the concrete of the drum and its battered buttresses contrasting with the warm panelling, almost as if a huge and delicate study has been built round the very well preserved remains of a mysterious Hadrianic ruin.
I am not persuaded by the the case put by Marie-Francoise Baslez for a Flavian or Hadrianic date, which is partly based on the perception of the Euphrates as a frontier between Rome and Parthia, i.
and died during the Hadrianic persecutions which followed.
It is believed it could be Hadrianic, for the reign of Emperor Hadrian from AD117 to AD138 was known for its rapid sculptural and architectural development.
Inscriptions of late Hadrianic date disclose that the cohort was stationed at Carvoran/Magna.
The fact that the basilica was Hadrianic reminds us that it was built at a time when the Emperor was defining borders.
Serialized geography was equally embodied and most visitors to the temple would already have had some experience with the concept, whether they had fingered the reverses of Hadrianic province coins or witnessed festivals in Carthage during which allegorical figures paraded by, or even had heard a list of Roman legionary names (which made a mixture of geography and virtue).
Next, in the plain, the well-known Hadrianic fortress is discussed: groma at its centre, then barracks, harrea, baths, hospital, latrines and artisan quarters beyond--a fairly standard account.
The only Christian edifice to survive the Hadrianic overhaul was a small church atop Mt.
That the ambivalent sense of power and pity engendered by such a viewing experience was, in its mythological form, particularly popular with the Romans is demonstrated by the fact that the Pasquino group survives in no fewer than fourteen known copies, while its erotic equivalent, representing Achilles and Penthesilea, was on occasion even displayed together with the Menelaos and Patroklos group, as in the Hadrianic baths at Aphrodisias.
Ballantyne convincingly reconciles the passionate paradoxes in Knight's intellectual career: though a great philhelline, Knight condemned the Elgin marbles as not Greek but Hadrianic, and even built the castellated Downton.
That aside, it was not a bad performance, although our wall at the free-kick was somewhat less than Hadrianic in resolution.