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Roman Emperor who was the adoptive son of Trajan

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At present, an online resource is being developed that will enable access to the HADRIAN data.
Recognizing that the empire was getting too big to control, Hadrian reversed Trajan's policy of [4] -- He withdrew from Mesopotamia.
Hadrian is most famous for Hadrian's Wall in the north of England, which still stands today in a wild, uncompromisingly fearsome way, providing a reminder of the Roman heel, which once stamped its power on this country.
Careers in national politics had been opened to such men by the revolutionary civil wars of the mid-1 st century Be, but Trajan and Hadrian were the first provincial Romans to reach the very top.
BUSINESSES in the region concerned about cybercrime are being urged to find out more about the Hadrian Project.
THE CLASSICAL WORLD: AN EPIC HISTORY FROM HOMER TO HADRIAN comes from a classical historian specialist who traces history from Homer to the reign of Hadrian, revealing wars, peace, the rise and fall of empires, and the heros and tyrants who reigned during the times.
The story follows the girls as they first address the bullying their friend Hadrian Klenk endures.
Archaeologists in mid November excavated what may be a monument to a same-sex relationship: a 2,000-year-old temple built by the Roman emperor Hadrian to commemorate the death of his Greek lover, Antinous.
The films Wilcox showed here were titled The Little Elephant and Hadrian and Antinous, both 2000.
At 25, Gabriel Hadrian Guzman is using his art to capture the childhood he never had.
A collection of biographies of the Roman emperors (Augusti) from Hadrian to Numerian (117-284), an important source for the history of the Roman Empire.
As part of his policy of consolidation and of renouncing conquest, Hadrian established the Euphrates as the eastern boundary of the Roman Empire.
Hadrian liked to travel, sampling the best countries could offer.
A bronze head of Roman emperor Hadrian which has not left the British Museum since it was fished out of the River Thames almost 200 years ago will travel to both ends of Hadrian's Wall as part of an exhibition about the legendary leader.