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Babylonian god of storms and wind

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As for her San Francisco critics, "To attempt to force such choices on a work for it to be considered feminist, Hadad insists, reveals a position as authoritarian as the systems she attempts to dismantle.
Hadad called upon the APA to form a delegation for visiting the besieged Gaza Strip, the occupied Syrian Golan and the Arab detainees at the Israeli prisons to inspect the state terrorism practiced by Israel against the Arab people.
After bringing Hadad home on Monday, Lieberman said: "I think that the deal with the Libyan government was very, very successful, reliable.
Israeli officials said the efforts to free Hadad involved Italy, which has close ties to Libya and is home to a Libyan Jewish exile community, as well as France, the U.
Hadad was convicted of repeatedly cheating Mohammad Sarraf, 75, who lost his life savings to Hadad.
While demonstrators protested in Malmo against Israel's participation in the competition, Lindstedt and Aspelin needed four sets to oust Ram and Hadad on the second day of the first-round match, which has been overshadowed by security concerns.
The course that will also provide needy equipments for women will totally worth about $50,000, he said, adding that work on constructing a modern libratory for Hadad High School has also been started and will cost about 3000 US dollars.
Sameh Hadad, 20, was found with a laptop, computers and keyboards, most of which had been taken in school burglaries, Liverpool crown court heard.
More than 30,000 people attended this year's Israel Independence Day Festival, many to see popular performer Sarit Hadad, who helped raise attendance over last year, said Adee Drory, a spokeswoman for the festival.
The biggest coup for the broadcaster, run by journo-lawyer Daniel Hadad, is signing host-impresario Marcelo Tinelli to supply primetime content from his Ideas del Sur Prods.
A policeman was placed on Court 16 when Israeli Amir Hadad and Aisam-Ul-haq Qureshi from Pakistan played a pair from the Czech Republic.
Reliable sources report that the backup singers and violinists accompanying Israel's Eurovision star Sarit Hadad on Saturday night were security agents.
Tenders are invited for Constructing Of Mankadi (Jaygotriji) Tank & Constructing Of Hadad M.
Yesterday, on the second day of the 5th Qatar International Festival of Falcons and Hunting 2014, the "Al Tal'a" (Pollen) competition was launched in the morning and the Hadad Al Tahaddi (Hadad Challenge) competition resumed in the evening.
The minutes of the transfer of control and oversight functions on individual banks was signed off by the governor of Bank Indonesia and head of the board of commissioners of the OJK, Muliaman D Hadad.