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a carriage for hire

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The judges recognised the legal distinction between Hackney Carriages and private hire vehicles and upheld the "inherent right of the Hackney Carriage proprietor to undertake pre-booked hirings anywhere in England and Wales".
And Gateshead hackney carriages have white plates with private hire cars displaying yellow plates on vehicles.
We have lobbied the council to give the private hire vehicles a roof light but they are not interested, even though we outnumber hackney carriages by more than 700 to 550.
LICENSING bosses are remaining tight-lipped over possible changes to the number of taxi ranks in Coventry - even though blueprints show increased provisions for Hackney carriage and private hire operators.
She said: "Currently if a licensed hackney carriage driver picks up a passenger in for example Barnard Castle or Peterlee and takes that person to a place in another zone within the county, the driver is prevented from picking up a new fare from a taxi rank or by being hailed in the street, when they reach that destination.
I WRITE on behalf of myself and a number of other self-employed hackney carriage drivers to express our deep concerns and objections regarding an application (reference 69/10) which has been deferred by the licensing committee on November 15.
Tamworth Borough Council has voted unanimously to put hackney carriage taxi fares up by six per cent despite fierce opposition from drivers in the town.
Undercover Gateshead Council staff were out checking on taxis and decided to hail a hackney carriage bearing a Berwick Upon Tweed (now Northumberland) plate as it drove through Gateshead to see if it would stop to pick them up.
Tony Byng, chairman of Hackney Carriages Association, said: "We wanted to make a stand and show the council that we disagree with the plans so we decided to march to the town hall ahead of the meeting.
The road will be closed to all traffic, except hackney carriages and emergency vehicles, for a six month trial period from midnight to 4 am from Thursday to Saturday.
The panel also heard that the number of hackney carriages had risen since the new policy was introduced, from 213 to 293, although the average age had stayed the same at four years.
The council insisted it was common knowledge when signs indicate a taxi is permitted to use the road, it refers to hackney carriages only.
The car he drove carried a Hambleton District Council Hackney Carriage plate, but checks by Stockton Council enforcement officers found he had never been licensed by Hambleton District Council to drive Hackney Carriages or Private Hire vehicles.
Hackney carriages have the best of bothworlds but don''t utilise their cross boundary private hire capabilities to their best advantage, if at all.
Once licensed, hackney carriages always remain hackney carriages, and similarly with private hire vehicles.