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Synonyms for hacker

someone who plays golf poorly

a programmer who breaks into computer systems in order to steal or change or destroy information as a form of cyber-terrorism

a programmer for whom computing is its own reward

one who works hard at boring tasks

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He added that hackers are shutting down social media accounts and attacking terror websites by launching denial of service ( DDoS) attacks, which flood such websites with traffic, putting them offline.
Indian hackers posted their country flag on PPP's official website, www.
The Pentagon claims it can trace the source of hacker attacks and officials said the hackers in this case were likely working on behalf of the Iranian state.
He hacked some Bangladeshi Websites, (sic)" the hackers wrote on the website.
Chang, the expert team had successfully prevented two attacks from hackers recently.
While some of the sites appeared damaged, a majority of them were still functional, hosting the page inserted by the hackers.
The Department of Homeland Security video shows a mock-up of an industrial turbine taken over by hackers and destroyed by turning it into a heap of smoking metal," he said.
With UCLA, a far more sophisticated--yet still at large--hacker or hackers pulled off true datatheft.
Hackers are continually honing their techniques and developing new attacks, so your staff needs to stay abreast of the latest security developments.
Hackers taking advantage of this seven to 30 hour window have a very easy and effective way to fly under the radar of most security products.
Microsoft is the biggest target in part because it's the most widely deployed operating system in the world, but also because the hacker community resents "closed source" applications like Windows.
With customers in more than 20 other countries, we're planning to duplicate this model so that our customers worldwide will know we fully stand behind our ability to protect them from hackers.
The gang--made up of six hackers, four bank officials who are needed to authorize illicit bank withdrawals, and five federal policemen who act as lookouts for electronic law enforcement on their trail--illicitly wires funds from Brazilian bank accounts to phantom accounts, where money is withdrawn to buy anything from cars to computer equipment.
But my information technology adviser tells me that leaving my Internet access open full-time makes me vulnerable to hackers.
The Hacker Diaries: Confessions of Teenage Hackers.