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Synonyms for hacker

someone who plays golf poorly

a programmer who breaks into computer systems in order to steal or change or destroy information as a form of cyber-terrorism

a programmer for whom computing is its own reward

one who works hard at boring tasks

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At that point it would be us, the hacker community, that stands up and tells the world that this is a gross invasion of privacy.
Some on the List argued, essentially, that the OSI should take judicial notice of the GPLv3 revision process and the GPL's stature in the hacker community.
The hacker community is certain to focus some of its efforts on this new market, and software patches which enable free access or hacked SIM cards could become a significant problem.
Finjan's security updates further enhance the value of the Vital Security NG appliance-based solutions, keeping Finjan customers steps ahead of the increasingly sophisticated hacker community.
Microsoft is the biggest target in part because it's the most widely deployed operating system in the world, but also because the hacker community resents "closed source" applications like Windows.
Be warned: a document purporting to be a missing chapter to this book is bouncing around the hacker community.
The Internet has diluted norms that were strong in the original, homogenous, tightly knit hacker community.
Shade(sm) scans customer sites using techniques and tools just like those used by the rogue hacker community but without exposing the customer to scanning vulnerabilities," said John Wayne, Senior Vice President of FDC's Solutions Sector.
Mudge, one of the prominent members of the hacker group 'The L0pht', who is responsible for numerous advisories and tools in use in both the black hat and white hat communities; Peter Shipley, who is well known and respected in the professional world as well as the underground and hacker community and whose specialties are third party penetration testing and firewall review, computer risk assessment, and security training; and Bruce Schneier, author of applied Cryptography and president of Counterpane Systems.
Mitnick will also discuss how his newly adopted stance regarding hacking has affected his position in the "Black Hat" hacker community.
will challenge the global hacker community to bypass the security of its Macintosh World Wide Web server.
Backer noted that, for the most part, &uot;the spirit within the hacker community is a positive one that supports the interests of the public.
The hacker community expects to see more efforts to breech NT,
Packet Storm provides an unfiltered portal for the hacker community where, in many cases, security exploits and vulnerabilities are first discovered.
When Bad Things Happen to Good Web Sites (IDC #B21900) analyzes how the increased attention to security will impact corporate Internet strategies, the software industry, and the hacker community.