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saw used with one hand for cutting metal

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Measure 3cm down from here and cut through your downpipe with a hack saw (try to make the cut as level as possible).
Tool box essentials like a hack saw and a pipe cutter are handy, but when it comes to tackling bigger projects like cutting thick circular or rectangular pipe, or conduit, nothing beats the versatility of a cordless band saw.
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38 pistol, two sachets of suspected shabu, a hammer and a hack saw.
Vet Anna Hill had to use a Anna Hill had to use a V hack saw to free the cat, now nicknamed Fanny, and had to operate immediately.
The second way is to modify the Phillips head screw by using a hack saw to cut a single slot in the head so that a flat-tip screwdriver can be used to extract it.
Going at the job free hand with a hack saw seldom if ever results in a true cut.
Ambulance staff gave the man painkillers as fire officers cut the piece of scaffolding ten inches away from the leg using a hack saw.
A spokesman said: "We needed a vice to keep his finger still while we used a hack saw to cut off the buckle.
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