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a large estate in Spanish-speaking countries

the main house on a ranch or large estate

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Palma, "Treasure of the Haunted Hacienda: El Tesoro de la Hacienda Embrujada" (published by AuthorHouse), tells the story of four young friends who unearth the secrets of Hacienda Palo Alto and reveal how its ancient tragedies still haunt the present.
She also employs some tribute and hacienda records and government correspondence from these two archives.
The expansion of haciendas in the nineteenth century created conflicts with neighbouring indigenous communities.
In a mansion on the shores of Laguna del Condado, it brings to life an elegant atmosphere of an old hacienda.
Haciendas generally consisted of a main building, workers' quarters and the machine room where the fibers were produced.
Grupo Plan's portfolio includes interests in various hotels in Mexico, including Mexico DF, haciendas on the Yucatan peninsula, golf resorts and residential developments on Mexico's Pacific Coast.
From sun-drenched hues to deep jewel tones, and rough-hewn wood to organic, earthy elements, the Hacienda Style collection is a rich entrance to the world of Mexican haciendas and their ever-increasing influence on contemporary design.
Top choices to stay are haciendas or eco-lodges, such as the Hacienda Pinsaqui--situated at the base of a volcano with centuries old gardens--and the Kapawi Ecolodge and Reserve, which has been praised by ecologists for environmental reasons.
Archaeologist Wade's detailed study begins with the establishment of the first missions in Coahuila in the mid-1670s in response, in part, to natives who worked on haciendas requesting settlement on new mission communities.
During Yucatan's Caste War (1848-55), with Merida outside of the battle zones, henequen haciendas only grew.
In Cardenas Compromised, Ben Fallaw tests the theses of populists, revisionists and postrevisionists through a richly detailed political history of the Cardenas years in the southeastern state of Yucatan, a region dominated by henequen haciendas and populated largely by indigenous Maya speakers.
Terra Preta es una de 20 haciendas seleccionadas por el gobierno brasileno, bajo la supervision de la entidad de agronomia Embrapa, para iniciar un programa de produccion de ternera.
How many haciendas and communities were there in the jurisdictions that Stavig analyzes?
In central Mexico, as in other developed areas of the country, the incidence of land suits involving all types of landholders--Indian villages, haciendas, other private owners--about tripled from the middle of the eighteenth century until its end, so that the colonial courts were virtually flooded with new and continuing litigation by the early nineteenth century.