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Synonyms for hashish

purified resinous extract of the hemp plant

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Most of these are Italian pasta items like lasagne, tortellini and canelloni, but the latest item is Hachis Parmentier.
Its well established label is primarily associated with frozen recipe dishes ranging from single-serve 400g Hachis Parmentier and 800g family-size packs of Cannelloni to Carte Legere Salmon Souffle.
Then there's the indigenous economical culinary classic, hachis parmentier, which is a meatloaf with a mashed potato icing.
Classic potato dishes, such as hachis parmentier or more recent recipes including frozen bacon, onion and potato combinations, are not seen as gadgets.
Leader Price in Paris carries its own label of puffs, cubes, fries, hachis parmentier and gratin dauphinois at rock bottom prices.