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a Hebrew title of respect for a wise and highly educated man

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Elsewhere, the in the cable, Hacham is quoted as being "shocked" by Mubarak's "aged appearance and slurred speech.
Hacham noted that the Israelis believe Soliman is likely to serve as at least an interim President if Mubarak dies or is incapacitated," the cable dated August 2008, said.
Hacham describes Stray Bullet as "a very personal film, yet almost like a Greek tragedy".
Hacham Hajaj, 18, and Nisar Ahmed Allahi, 28, from Rotterdam, were arrested by Customs Officers at the airport on Wednesday evening, as they came off the Amsterdam flight.
Israeli Kobi Hacham was disqualified from the Eisenhower Trophy World Amateur Team Championship in Berlin yesterday after signing for a wrong score.
Hacham, playing with Britain and Ireland's Jamie Donaldson, signed for an 82 when he actually shot 83.
Why did Hacham, an otherwise impeccable biblical scholar, not know it?
Amos Hacham, Introduction to Esther (Hebrew), Hamesh Megillot (Jerusalem: Mossad Harav Kook, 1973), 17-18, and other standard introductions.
Hacham in his Introduction to the Song of Songs, ibid.
all cited in Hacham, Introduction to Song of Songs.
One quibble of a more minor, technical note is the author's occasional use of Arabic or Hebrew technical terms, such as dhimmi, minhagim, or hacham, without any translation or explanation for the non-specialist.
Ronny Hacham, vice president of development and marketing, Gadot Biochemicals Industries, Inc.