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a royal German family that provided rulers for several European states and wore the crown of the Holy Roman Empire from 1440 to 1806

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The Habsburgs had long fought against nationalism in their Empire and it was nationalism that brought them down.
Otto Habsburg died in Pocking on the Starnberger Lake in Bavaria, and his funeral is scheduled for July 16 in Vienna.
of Stirling, UK) examines the Holy War fought for two and a half centuries by the Christian Habsburgs from Vienna and the Ottoman Turks from Constantinople, who struggled for control of Europe, and considers why they fought for so long and why they finally stopped.
This talk will cover the political function of tapestries, their impact on the economy of the Netherlands, discuss weaver's techniques and then focus on the major tapestry commissions from the Burgundian Dukes, ancestors of the 16th century Habsburgs in the mid-15th century, until the early 17th century.
However, negotiating successfully with the Habsburgs meant changing religions and betraying the Protestant cause.
The Serbian nation was divided at the dawn of the nineteenth century by the borders of the Ottoman pashaliks and by the state frontiers that separated the lands under Ottoman control from those under the Habsburg Empire.
Chivalry and the Perfect Prince: Tournaments, Art, and Armor at the Spanish Habsburg Court.
This guarantees a broad perspective in that the contributors do not only examine Christian slavery in the Ottoman Empire, but, using Western sources, also provide greater insight into the tribulations of Ottoman slaves in the Habsburg territory.
It is fair to say that, by 1950, there were almost no nationalists left in any of the successor states who concluded that, all things considered, they preferred the rule of either the Nazis or the Soviets to that of the Habsburgs.
There he was one of 27 Czech lords suffering exemplary punishment for their part in the rising against the Habsburgs.
We tracked down Archduke Ferdinand von Habsburg, great great grand-nephew of the original Franz Ferdinand.
reflects an ambivalence about the role of the Jesuits who, he says, worked with the Habsburgs in "the imposition on the Bohemian peoples of a faith they had once rejected" [217].
Take a walking tour of Zagreb, which quickly reveals itself as a city full of finebuildings and peach-coloured stone monuments to the decadence and high self-esteem of the Habsburgs.
Von Habsburg, the last crown prince of the Austro-Hungarian Empire which collapsed in 1918, gave up in 1961 his rights to the throne and to property that the Habsburgs had kept since the early 1400s.
Probably the most sustained and influential association between an opera librettist and a European court was that between Pietro Metastasio and the Austrian Habsburgs, which lasted from 1730 until the poet's death in 1782.