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a writ ordering a prisoner to be brought before a judge

the civil right to obtain a writ of habeas corpus as protection against illegal imprisonment

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39) These requirements mean the substance of a federal habeas petition is determined by what is pleaded in state post-conviction proceedings.
arguing that AEDPA's unclear language did not "establish 'a body of rigid rules'" by which federal courts are unable to review the content of a habeas petition, but rather it "expressed] a 'mood' that the Federal Judiciary must respect").
After the first habeas petition is filed, federal courts lack jurisdiction over subsequent petitions unless a claim satisfies one of two tests: Either it relies on a new rule of law that the Supreme Court has applied retroactively; or, the claim is based on newly discovered facts, not discoverable through the exercise of due diligence, which establish the petitioner's innocence such that no reasonable factfinder could have found the petitioner guilty.
Holland mailed a pro se habeas petition to the Federal District Court for the Southern District of Florida.
allow courts to dispose of habeas petitions more expeditiously, but it
Your client has been sentenced to capital punishment for murder, and you represent him in his habeas petition before a federal court of appeals.
For the first time, the law imposed a statute of limitations on habeas petitions, with a complexity that ensured most defendants would not be able to comply with the limit; most defendants do not have a lawyer, since the right to counsel generally does not apply in habeas cases.
litigant's federal habeas petition terminates, almost
Hilton is free to file a habeas petition and thereby toll the two-month period in which a fugitive would normally have to be delivered to the Requesting State after certification.
A Federal District Court refused to act on his habeas petition because his mental illness kept him from communicating with or even identifying his counsel -- and from assisting in making claims at the core of his case.
850 motion and three issues in his habeas petition.