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a writ ordering a prisoner to be brought before a judge

the civil right to obtain a writ of habeas corpus as protection against illegal imprisonment

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allow courts to dispose of habeas petitions more expeditiously, but it
Your client has been sentenced to capital punishment for murder, and you represent him in his habeas petition before a federal court of appeals.
prisoners' habeas petitions, the study's findings provide a
39) Indeed, in 2010, almost 20,000 habeas petitions were filed in federal court, and habeas cases constituted seventy percent of the cases decided in the federal courts of appeals.
3663, 3663-64 (citing steady increase in habeas petitions starting in 1941 through fiscal year 1966); Henry J.
18) To that end, Omar filed a habeas petition in the District of Columbia district court, and concomitantly sought a temporary restraining order (and subsequently a preliminary injunction) barring his transfer pending disposition of his claim for habeas relief.
172) Congress passed AEDPA in 1996, and it created for the first time a statute of limitations for filing a federal habeas petition.
The habeas petition challenged Section 236(c) of the INA, which requires mandatory detention of potentially deportable aliens due to prior criminal convictions and prevents the aliens from securing bond throughout the deportation process--a process that could take years.
As Justice Souter has helpfully explained, an "original" habeas petition "is commonly understood to be 'original' in the sense of being filed in the first instance in this Court, but nonetheless for constitutional purposes an exercise of this Court's appellate (rather than original) jurisdiction.
Another courtroom visitor with the last name of Campanella, in prison for murder, filed his own handwritten habeas petition which reached our chambers.
Rumsfeld, decided the same day, the Court, per Justice Rehnquist, determined that there was no jurisdiction in a New York District Court to hear the habeas petition of Jose Padilla, a U.
7) The district court dismissed al-Marri's habeas petition on the grounds that al-Marri had failed to rebut the accusations in the declaration.
A federal prisoner filed a habeas petition challenging the Bureau of Prisons (BOP) policy that precluded his placement in a community corrections center, as recommended by the sentencing court.