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an Old Testament book telling Habakkuk's prophecies

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David Cannadine, "Aristocratic Indebtedness in the Nineteenth Century: The Case Reopened," Economic History Review 30 (1977): 624-50; John Habbakuk, "The Rise and Fall of English Landed Families," Transactions of the Royal Historical Society, 5th series, 29 (1979): 187-207; David Spring, "Aristocratic Indebtedness in the Nineteenth Century: A Comment," Economic History Review n.
In the later parts of the novel, Morton stands alone only in front of Macbriar and the "wild western whigs" (260) at Drumshinnel, and even there, after Claverhouse has rescued him, Habbakuk Meiklewraith summons Claverhouse "to appear before the tribunal of God" (269).
Her ownership of William as "my Theam" in the above lines is a reference to her poems "Upon King William Passing the Boyn" and "A Pindarick Poem on Habbakuk," both of which are responded to repeatedly in the Athenian Mercury and helped the Athenians to package Rowe "as a Protestant whiggish mascot to prove to the readers of the Mercury that virtue--specifically feminine virtue--and Whig sentiments were not mutually exclusive" (Prescott 155-156).
Habbakuk, Max Hartwell, Patrick O[acute accent]Brien, historiadores economicos, probablemente los mejores especialistas britanicos en la revolucion industrial y en el estudio comparado del desarrollo y el atraso economicos; Denis Mack Smith y Christopher Seton Watson, dos de los grandes especialistas en Italia.
1386-1466) that while working on his extraordinary statue of Habbakuk he
Laslett was part of a remarkable cohort of undergraduate historians at St John's College, Cambridge in the late 1930s which included the likes of John Habbakuk and Edward Miller.