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an Old Testament book telling Habakkuk's prophecies

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Many of those who prefer New Age dress belong to the Habakuk current--an acronym for Habad, Bratislaver, Carlebach, and Kook (the first two referring to Hasidic communities; the third to the late rabbi and musician Shlomo Carlebach, who taught a Hasidic-Aquarian style of Judaism; and to Rabbi Kook, founder of Merkaz Ha-Rav).
Habakuk Jephson's Statement, John Barrington Cowles, The Leather Funnel, The Lift, Lot No.
The sun shimmered above the Habakuk hotel in Maribor yesterday as Scotland's World Cup campaign winds down but a depressing cloud continues to hang above Walter Smith's squad.
Verder is die gedeeltes wat hy kies gevarieerd, kompleks en van die mees klinkende in die Bybel: hy herdig naamlik 'n aantal Psalms, die Spreuke van Salomo, passasies uit Prediker, Miga, Habakuk, die Onse Vader en klassieke passasies soos Johannes 3:16 en 1 Korintiers 13.
Proulx's panhandle, including the town of Woolybucket, where Bob settles, is filled with eccentric characters: Sheriff Hugh Dough and his aunts Ponola Dough and Dolly Cleat; blustering rival landowners Advance Slauter and Francis Scott Keister; ninety-year-old former cowhand Rope Butt; the mail carrier Doll McJunkin; Dutch immigrant Habakuk van Melkebeerk; itinerant windmiller Daisy Boy Pocock; LaVon's son Coolbrooth Fronk; Freda Beautyrooms, Ace Crouch, Vera Twombley .