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group insurance that entitles members to services of participating hospitals and clinics and physicians

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The idea that the employer and HMO could come together to control health care will be regarded as a quaint historical relic.
The HMO has evolved since the mid-20th century, but not without some bumps along the way.
The Medicare HMO guide by Consumers Union and the California HealthCare Foundation offers seniors how-to advice on how to navigate an increasingly complex system of medical benefits.
While it took years, it was relatively easy to get the HMO law through Congress.
A total of 58,201 beneficiaries switched from an HMO to the FFS sector and were analyzed separately.
Their conclusions: HMOs profit by denying care and force doctors to choose between their patients' best interests and their ability to make a living.
As the population ages, the movement toward alternatives to institutionalization, such as the Social HMO, will pick up steam.
The assault on medical privacy coincides with the HMO assault on the U.
If you are a lesbian at an HMO and you are diagnosed with breast cancer, you are in big trouble because you simply have no control over how knowledgeable your specialist is going to be about lesbian issues," says Barbara Brenner, executive director of Breast Cancer Action, a San Francisco-based advocacy group.
At each HMO, one or more senior managers who were knowledgeable about the HMO's Medicare risk product or the HMO's decision not to offer the product were interviewed.
This provision addresses Americans' main gripe with managed care: the restrictions HMOs place on choice.
Part 417, Subpart E, of the HCFA rules implementing the PHSA required the employer to offer the HMO option on terms no less favorable (with respect to the employer's monetary contribution or the designee's cost) than the terms on which the other alternatives are included; an employer's contribution to the HMO had to be equal (in dollar amount) to the largest contribution made bY that employer, on behalf of a particular employee, to a non-HMO alternative included in plan offering.
While the group refers to and contracts with specialists to provide certain services, the HMO payment is for all services.
Watson, president and CEO of the Health Insurance Plan of Greater New York (HIP), the largest HMO on the East Coast.
Projections indicate that HMO enrollment will continue to grow to an estimated 36.