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Synonyms for HIV

infection by the human immunodeficiency virus

the virus that causes acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS)

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But there was no significant difference between the circulating subtype and the stage of HIV infection.
Although it's not yet clear what is driving this difference in cognitive abilities, the study cites that inflammation caused by initial HIV infection may be to blame.
The most common method of transmission is unprotected sex, while the highest level of HIV infection is seen among men who have sex with other men.
HIV infection, risk, prevention, and testing behaviors among persons who inject drugs.
WHO noted that HIV infection rates among men who have sex with men remain high nearly everywhere in the world.
Learning more about how HPV affects the risk of HIV infection is important because two vaccines that prevent HPV infection are already available and a third vaccine is being developed.
Scientists halted both trials earlier this month when it became clear that the circumcised men were contracting fewer HIV infections, Fanci announced last week.
Another study explored why married girls in Kenya and Zambia had a higher risk for HIV infection.
Jim Pickett, a leader in the International Rectal Microbicide Working Group, believes that making rectal microbicide products widely available could radically change gay men's fight against HIV infection.
Having another sexually transmitted infection (STI), such as genital herpes, increases the risk of HIV infection up to tenfold, and women are more likely to have an STI than men.
Only 1% of women had had sex in exchange for money, drugs or shelter in the year before the survey Some 59% of all women perceived their chance of HIV infection to be high, while 36% perceived that they had no chance of infection; 62% had ever been tested for the virus.
Using a mathematical model, David Ho and colleagues estimate that HIV infection might be eradicated in approximately 3 years using HAART.
A major study reported at the Retroviruses conference (Boston, February 22-25, 2005) found that death of people with HIV accounted for most of the large decrease in the prevalence of HIV infection in the population, in a small area of Uganda that was intensively studied from 1994-2003 [1].
Although the last two decades have witnessed major advances in treatment, HIV infection remains an ultimately fatal disease.
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