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a fluorocarbon emitted as a by-product of industrial manufacturing

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The reason for this is, according to Georgiou, borrowers' complacency that leads to their indifference to cooperate with HFC in order to find viable solutions, knowing that primary homes are protected.
Jordan would, in the new role, supervise the rebranding of the HFC Bank to Republic Bank by the last quarter of 2017.
Edward Faber, Relationship Manager at ADBs Trade Finance Program, said, ADB is delighted to be partnering with HFC Bank through the Trade Finance Program.
HFC, or otherwise known as "Hybrid Fibre Coaxial" or simply "Cable" is one of the technologies previously deployed by Pay TV operators in Australia to distribute TV signals and Broadband services, with most of the cable having been rolled-out in metropolitan areas across Australia.
HFC Bank was formed in 1990, listing on the Ghana Stock Exchange in 1995.
During the investment, HFC has become one of the leading domestic banks in Ghana and remained strongly capitalised, allowing it to increase its branch network.
HFC is eager to work alongside Clark and Sturtevant to help ALCOM maintain its growth, Robertson stated.
The equivalent model of HFC which has been proposed by [8], is shown in Fig.
People trying to take out loans from HFC have walked into HSBC branches for their appointment.
The cable industry's HFC architecture has been the foundation for the last decade's service growth and diversification.
Steven Beck, Head of Trade Finance at ADB said, "ADB is delighted to be partnering with HFC Bank; Fiji's only local bank, through the Trade Finance Program.
It is an attractive product, perhaps one of the best now in the market," HFC chairman Loizos Papacharalambous said during a news conference.
The HFC '01 team drew a qualification pool with the South Texas finalist (Barcelona), the Tennessee state champion (Lobos), and the nation's top ranked team and North Texas state champion (FC Dallas).
Global Banking News-May 7, 2014--Republic bank says it will solve differences with HFC bank
Wednesday, October 1--Session B: Construction: "Development of an HFC 245fa Class I* rigid foam system for discontinuous metal panels," Michael A.