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Synonyms for virus

anything that is injurious, destructive, or fatal

Synonyms for virus

a harmful or corrupting agency

a software program capable of reproducing itself and usually capable of causing great harm to files or other programs on the same computer

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This project is part of a 40 million pound ETI programme focused on increasing HDV efficiencies.
4 All frame rates (24F, 25F and 30F, 50i and 60i) may not be available on all Canon HDV camcorder models
About HDV Hepatitis Delta is caused by infection with the hepatitis D virus (HDV) and is considered to be the most severe form of viral hepatitis in humans.
Because of claims that the slid protein trans-complements the corresponding HDV type more efficiently (12), we compared the sHD coding nucleotide sequences of dFr644, dFr2072, and dFr2736 with 46 sequences, by using the same phylogenetic approaches (Table 2).
Our CineForm Intermediate technologies have been used for Professional online editing of feature films, and we wanted to enable the same workflow for users of HDV camcorders.
1 HDV is a standard for the recording and playback of high definition (1,440 x 1,080 pixels) video and audio on DV-format cassette tapes
Already an industry standard, Vegas 6 software provides comprehensive format support for DV, SD, and HDV.
This novel approach to treating HDV is the culmination of decades of research," said Jeffrey Glenn, MD, PhD, Scientific Founder and Associate Professor of Medicine, Stanford University.
I'm looking forward to working with the team at Diasome as it initiates long-term testing of Oral HDV-Insulin in Type II diabetes patients and continues the development of various HDV Insulin dose forms.
We are pleased that the FDA and EMA have granted Orphan Designation to lonafarnib as a first in class, potential new therapy for HDV, a disease with great unmet medical need.
Fix wheels for HDV exchange hoop and a number of integral wheels 060, 063, 110, 210, 240, 162, 362, 163, 263, 363, 350, 425, 460, 840, 560, 361, 861, 011, 012, 912 , 913, 721, 750, 754, 757, 810, 811, 812, 813 and 736
This proof-of-concept study is the first ever to evaluate lonafarnib, the first of a class of novel antiviral agents known as prenylation inhibitors, in patients infected with HDV," said David Cory, President and Chief Executive Officer of Eiger.
The contract is the provision of traction rolling stock (hereinafter referred to as "HDV") a foreign carrier in default HDV Railway Company Slovakia, as (hereinafter "ZSSK").
Diasome plans to use the financing to fund the late-stage human clinical testing of the Company's Oral HDV-Insulin and to continue the development of the various HDV Insulin dose forms.
In a Phase 2a trial in chronic HDV infection with 24 patients, Myrcludex B was investigated as monotherapy vs combination with pegylated interferon alpha for 24 weeks; a control arm received pegylated interferon alpha alone.