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a television system that has more than the usual number of lines per frame so its pictures show more detail

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At a press conference, Eddy Hartenstein, president of DirecTv, said he is in discussions with other manufacturers to include DirecTv receivers in their HDTV sets.
Sony Electronics and Thomson Consumer Electronics are among the other companies that will ship all-in-one HDTV sets, Sony by month's end and Thomson in early 1999.
Private industry and the Federal government have worked hand-in-hand to deploy millions of digital converter boxes, and by working together again, we will ensure that all consumers enjoy the benefits of DTV broadcasts over an affordable HDTV set," Ginsburg added.
There, a sales associate said that, as the HDTV sets are all priced in the $8,000 range, they cost the retailer too much.
The FOCUS: HDTV 2009 report covers penetration of HDTV sets and services, HD configuration in the home, usage of and satisfaction with HD services, and provides a profile of HDTV subscribers.
That heavily politicized process still hasn't been worked out, and its final resolution could cause problems for first-generation HDTV sets, Schaeffer acknowledged.
president Gary Shapiro, McCain notes that the first HDTV sets, costing upward of $7,000, will not have the ability to connect to cablers' digital set-top boxes.
It provides forecasts for HDTV subscribers and revenue, HDTV sets and set top box shipments and revenue, and next-generation optical disc player shipments through 2011 in China.
The Major Product groups Segments Analyzed are HDTV Capable Sets (HDTV Projection Display, & Direct-View HDTV Display) and Integrated HDTV Sets (Integrated HDTV Projection Sets, Integrated Direct-View HDTV Sets, & Flat-Panel HDTV Digital TV Sets).
By providing a digital signal, broadcasters will enable TV manufacturers to begin selling HDTV sets in late 1998.
Markets with high sales of HDTV sets and substantial numbers of digital cable subscribers may also justify a greater investment in capacity upgrades.
With Ulead VideoStudio[R] and Ulead DVD MovieFactory[R] personal and professional high-definition video production software, consumers can take full advantage of their new high-def digital camcorders and share/enjoy their theater-quality videos on high-resolution HDTV sets.
To meet the latest advancements in audio/video interfaces connect to HDTV sets via HDMI--the multi-industry-supported, all-digital A/V connection capable of providing the transmission of uncompressed digital video and multichannel audio on a single cable.
The worldwide cable TV industry is in a race to provision a "three-screen" service that starts with HDTV sets, maps over to broadband-connected PCs, and follows subscribers around during the day on cell phones or other portable devices, reports In-Stat (http://www.