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a television system that has more than the usual number of lines per frame so its pictures show more detail

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The electronic superstore has a wide variety of HDTVs on sale in varying sizes and prices.
Anyone who saw NBC's 2002 Winter Games from Salt Lake City in HDTV had to be amazed.
The combination of Conexant's PCI video processor and digital tuning and demodulation technologies with RAVISENT's CineMaster HDTV will create "the first affordable, full-resolution HDTV solutions for mainstream PCs," the two firms say.
This missed opportunity left both nations vulnerable to shifts in technology that ultimately proved to be fatal for their HDTV plans.
Kenny expects to have half a dozen models available within three weeks, though his competitor across the street, Circuit City general manager Marty Schaeffer, still doesn't know when his store will get its HDTV screens.
HDTV transmission processing equipment combines and formats digitally-compressed video, compressed audio and ancillary data for error correction pre-coding and data equalization to remove transmission errors and ghosting.
This system includes delivery over both satellite and cable and would allow two HDTV signals or four to 10 digitally compressed standard television signals in one satellite transponder.
Don Hughes, President of IMS comments on the acquisition of the HE3100, "By using NTT Electronics' H3100 series, we have made SNG relays for HDTV possible.
MicroDisplay's development of Liquid Fidelity single-chip LCOS technology and high-quality HDTVs customized to our needs enables us to provide larger, higher-performance AKAI-branded HDTVs to our customers at more affordable price points," said Keith R.
These moves signal a commitment toward tapping into changing consumer attitudes about HDTVs, according to Syntax-Brillian's Chief Marketing Officer, Hope Frank.
Let It Wave's display controller features an all-format HDTV converter (up, down and cross) including super-resolution de-interlacing and scaling, together with spatio-temporal bandlet noise removal for picture enhancement.
The main obstacle for deploying HDTV has been the lack of sufficient bandwidth for satellite, terrestrial, cable, and IP networks," says Bryan Wang, In-Stat analyst.
Europe's HDTV market is in its early days: although estimates point to 10 million households equipped with an HD-ready TV by the end of 2006, only a fraction of them will actually be consuming HDTV services.
Van der Leest commented, "Enuclia is proud to participate in DisplaySearch Taiwan's first International HDTV Electronics Conference.