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a rigid magnetic disk mounted permanently in a drive unit

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For new installations, just how frequently is HDD incorporated into overall construction operation by HDD sub-contractors and general contractors?
Figure: Worldwide HDD (All Form Factors) and Enterprise HDD Blended Average Sales Price, 2013-2018
Meanwhile, Toshiba said it will consolidate HDD production at its two HDD-making facilities in the Philippines and a contract manufacturer in China following the transfer of Toshiba Storage Device (Thailand) Co.
customers can be expected as HDD vendors scramble to bring production back up
Under the MOU, Fujitsu will transfer to Toshiba its HDD design, development, manufacturing, sales, and all other functions currently carried out by Fujitsu and Fujitsu Group companies, with the exception of Fujitsu's HDD head and media businesses*.
3) Running SurfControl's pre-integrated dynamic web filtering application, in concert with SGOS' HTTP virus screener, requires a HDD to enable web caching, a ServGate feature that allows fully inspected URLs to propagate more speedily to the end-user level.
To win this battle, HDD vendors will need to convince PC manufacturers that hybrid SSHDs offer a more cost-effective solution to improve PC performance and responsiveness than other solutions.
The price of new equipment reflects the prices of HDD work in the '90s," said a Western state contractor.
HDD Plant Output/Quarter, 1Q09-4Q10 (Units in Thousands)
In relation to the discontinuation of the HDD head business, Fujitsu plans to recognize a one-time, facilities-related loss of 5.
A series of new HDD products with greater data storage capacity have been launched lately reflecting growing demand for larger-volume data storage in personal computers and other digital devices.
Making full use of Toshiba's latest advances in HDD technologies, including the highest areal density yet commercialized, the new HDD delivers 100GB of storage capacity and does so in a drive only 9.
On the set-top, Pait says a 40GB HDD can store up to 40 hours of NTSC (U.
TRENDFOCUS Report: The HDD Is NOT Dying, Revenue to Reach $48 Billion in 2014
Avago Technologies today announced an industry-first demonstration of a multi-reader HDD read channel in silicon.