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a television system that has more than the usual number of lines per frame so its pictures show more detail

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In a world of restricted, robust hardware, users are limited to the options the commercial market provides: the fully-capable hardware HD tuner card cannot be manufactured.
The integrated HD tuner allows for crisp, clear and free over-the-air HD content, making the AccuSync Multimedia Series a perfect component for the residential market.
In North America, consumers can purchase Pinnacle PCTV HD Tuner Kit for Windows Vista starting in March through the Pinnacle Systems website (www.
In addition to incorporating professional-grade components that deliver better image quality and performance over the life of the product, the NEC Multeos line includes a host of PC and AV inputs as well as the ability to be configured with a state-of-the-art ATSC HD tuner.
With its dual HD tuner capability, it can perform two WRITE (Record) & two READ (Live/Replay) of HD programs simultaneously.
The 32-inch model will ship with a DIRECTV MPEG4 TV module consisting of a DIRECTV HD Tuner, ATSC tuner, component video, composite video, S-video and HDMI inputs.
It comes equipped with two HD tuners, which enables simultaneous viewing and recording; it also includes voice recognition support.
The WT600's integrated Twin HD tuners allow users to watch a
Alternatively, you can now buy digital TVs with Freeview HD tuners built in, so you don't need a separate box.
Some consumers are starting to buy HD-ready TVs, most of which require additional HD tuners or cable/satellite boxes with tuners.
This proportion is growing rapidly with most new televisions now sold with inbuilt HD tuners.
Like the impressive HD500 Freeview recorder, this newer model also packs twin HD tuners and a 500GB capacity drive that can store around 70 hours of HD programmes.
The SMT-3090 has 2 HD tuners capable of decoding MPEG-2, H.
As well as packing twin Freeview HD tuners and a sizeable 500GB capacity drive that can store around 70 hours of HD programmes, it also doubles up as a handy hi-def hub.
Other Countries May Follow France's Lead in Mandating HD Tuners