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a television system that has more than the usual number of lines per frame so its pictures show more detail

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The lasting standard competition slows down consumers' understanding to next generation HD standards.
amp; AUSTIN, Texas -- SI boosts its Reference, Lunar Gray, and Silhouette screen materials to perform at or beyond all current HD standards.
New compression technologies and HD standards have made it possible to enjoy high-quality video on compact mobile devices, but the quantity of video content available is limited and expensive," said Jeff Hastings, President and General Manager, Corel Digital Media.
New features include the ability to auto-adapt to incoming SD and HD standards without interrupting the encode session, InstantVOD[TM] for delivering any video input with the same format output, automatic logo sizing and positioning when switching between SD and HD modes, and the display of source stream IDs on loss-of-video.
Since NAB 2005, our Company has been engaged in the R&D process to address the multiple variants due to the present lack of HD standards.
The dual slot module is particularly ideal for all basic HD standards conversion applications, especially considering the existing expensive motion compensating alternatives on the market.
HDM is not meant to imply compliance with any HDTV (High Definition Television) or similar HD standards.
And because it supports all the HD standards, including 1080i, 1080p, 720p, and 24P HD, it will be compatible with any HD installation.
The Xantus DTV Format Converter will be used to upconvert high quality SD material for local and international HD transmission, including transparent cross conversions from 1080i x 60Hz American HD to 1080i x 50Hz HD for Australian transmission; 1080i x 60 or 50Hz to other HD standards such as 720 p; upconversions from 625 SD to 1080i x 50 or 60 Hz HD standards; and downconversions from any HD standard to 50 or 60 Hz SD.
This new Xantus application will perform more than 50 different conversions including support for DTV, standards conversion, HD standards conversion and 50Hz HD formats.
The platform is software extensible for support of newly emerging HD standards, providing manufacturers with a comprehensive HD roadmap.