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a television system that has more than the usual number of lines per frame so its pictures show more detail

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The watchdog said "plenty" of shop staff confused HD ready and full HD, neglecting to point out that although HD ready is suitable for broadcast HD programmes and will work with blu-ray, full HD is best for watching the higher resolution blu-ray format.
THE TV: Sanyo CE32LD47-B LCD, 32in , HD Ready with built-in Freeview.
LG 22LH2000 22-inch Widescreen HD Ready LCD TV with Freeview Black (ANI)
With an already large installed base of HD ready TV sets in the UAE, the service will redefine the television experience for an increasing number of customers going forward.
Prize: 46in Toshiba 1080 HD Ready LCD TV and Moonlight Series 1 DVD Boxset rrp pounds 39.
The firm has added to its digital TV range with new 19" and 22" HD ready LCDS.
HD ready is a logo found on TV's that are available for High Definition, all HD TV's need HDMI or DVI and component connections and a resolution of at least 720x 1024 pixels, which will enable the TV to receive a HD signal from a HD receiver, such as SKY HD.
All the sets, apart from the cheapest Philips TV, are HD ready which means they won't be obsolete when high definition TV really takes hold.
LIVERPOOL'S coolest showroom of audio-visual products is to be one of the first brands globally, to receive the new Sky High Definition (HD) Set Top Box and Sky HD Ready card.
Consumers need to understand how to cut through the clutter of all the new technology and know exactly what to look for in order to make their home HD ready.
An adaptive HD video scaler that turns low resolution video input into HD ready video
To celebrate one lucky reader will get their hands on a 46in Samsung HD Ready TV and Blu-ray player.
99 1080p HD Ready Model and product code LE40B530 565520 Total Product Cover 5 years pounds 114.
BEWARE television sets which, it is claimed, are HD ready.
Sony KDL 20S2020 20-inch HD ready digital TV, pounds 549.