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a portable television camera and videocassette recorder

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Apple Computer and Pinnacle Systems have partnered closely to provide support for most HD formats through the combination of Final Cut Pro 2 and CineWave 1.
VUDU will continue to offer HD titles in both HDX and instant HD formats, affording consumers the choice of ordering ahead the highest available quality movie or renting HD movies that are delivered instantly to their TV.
This operation allows for conversion of SD video to HD formats, or down-conversion of HD formats to SD video, with the appropriate letterbox and poster box masking automatically inserted.
For instance, the Electra 8000 can be used to receive AVC content and re-encode in MPEG-2, supporting the growing trend toward primary distribution of content in AVC and HD formats.
Housed in a rugged, 1RU metal cabinet and compatible with a wide range of HD formats, the IF-2D3D1 is designed to help 3D content producers improve their workflow, whether they are converting archived 2D material or shooting original content in 3D.
It's now essential to chose equipment like Dveous/HD which can operate in any of the HD formats a truck is asked to supply," adds Garvin.
Topics to be covered will include: Tape-based RGB DI workflows and Solid State and Disk-based HD formats.
Total Hi Def is the right answer for studios that wish to publish content in the new HD formats, but have been delaying in hopes that a single disc format would emerge.