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responding to or operating at a wide band of frequencies


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It lets you make and receive HD Voice calls combined with real-time video.
We primarily used the VoLTE, 3G HD voice service, and Skype Voice tests to collect baseline results which we could use to compare with the VoWi-Fi results, although these tests also proved useful when it came to identifying potential interoperability issues.
HD voice is like HDTV, but instead of high-definition images, you get high-definition sound, no background noise and crystal-clear voice quality.
Our customers demand high-quality services and with Ericsson's HD voice solution we further differentiate our services within the Bahraini market," he added.
The HD voice market is consolidated with big players such as Ericsson, Alcatel-Lucent, Orange, Polycom, Verizon Communications, AT&T (NYSE: T), Avaya, Deutsche Telekom, Broadcom Corp.
WORLDWIDE COMPUTER PRODUCTS NEWS-May 21, 2014-NXP Software's HD voice solution featured in the ZTE Blade APEX2 smartphone
Combining the benefits of wireless communication with rich VoIP business features such as broadband sound which meets professional HD voice standards, W52P users benefit from freedom of movement, lifelike voice communications, multi-tasking convenience, and other business features such as intercom, transfer, call forward, 3-way conferencing, and more.
According to CNN, on Monday, ATandT Senior Vice President Kris Rinne confirmed that the company plans to roll out HD Voice later this year.
Campaign includes IP transition briefings, beta testing, and capturing video testimonials as well as plans for a reference system demonstrating the benefits of all-IP networks and HD voice.
I have not heard any vendor or end user talk about HD Voice.
The LG smartphone contained an HD Voice codec, which uses more bandwidth than regular voice codecs to improve voice quality.
Unicoi), a leading provider of hardware and software solutions to the embedded device market, announces the release of its Fusion HD Voice Engine[TM] for multiple platforms.
HD Voice, sometimes referred to as wideband audio, is a set of telephony standards that allow telephones to transmit up to 48 kHz of audible frequency.
Optus mobile voice call quality has also improved with the introduction of 3G High Definition (HD) voice technology earlier this year, which provides sharper and clearer audio for Optus to Optus mobile calls using HD Voice compatible devices.
Muna Al Hashemi, CEO at Batelco Bahrian, said that the service will improve customer experience by enabling simultaneous HD voice calls and video with faster call setup time.